LV on eLuxury

  1. Maybe I'm a little late in noticing this, but the price change for LV has been reflected on the eLuxury website. I knew it was coming, but to see it....
  2. :sad2:
  3. What?! Did they only change prices on certain pieces?
  4. I just went and looked. Stupid price increase :suspiciou I knew I should have stocked up :lol:
  6. I know this is a mistake but look now the price of the Batignolles is over $5000!!!!
  7. That's pretty crazy and if you hadn't pointed it out I would have looked at it for a very very long time and wonder if I wasn't losing my mind...

    But seriously.. I am really sad..
  8. So the Batignolles Vertical is $5812.50.:lol: :lol: :lol: Anyone seen this? Obvious mistake.:lol:
  9. I guess we posted at the same time.:shame: Better grab the Batignolles Verticle while it's so cheap!:lol:
  10. ^^^^ HEE HEE I am so annoyed though ladies!!! I'm supposed to be getting the Saleya next week. What's up with this, Gucci prices went up recently as well, of course before I got my bags :sad:(
  11. Can anyone answer: WHY are the LV prices going up?
  12. At least eluxury has a free shipping offer going on which will help offset the price increase. ;)
  13. Haha, the Le Fab went up only $50 although my SA said it was going up ~3% (That would put it at almost $3300). Yay!

  14. yeah the musette salsa has gone up too, from $635 to $650, and the abbesses used to be $1000, and now it's $1020 :blink:.
  15. they did...the koala wallet is the same price!! YAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol::lol:
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