Lv Oe

  1. I did a little search and couldn't find where this has been discussed if it has already - so forgive me if this is a redundant question.

    Does the OE in the LV OE mean anything - or is it just a graphic way to make LV in to LoVe or.....since I had to ask....maybe I'm just too dorky to ever understand.

    :smile: :p :smile:
  2. i think it is just a way to make LV look like LVoe, as in love :smile:
  3. I agree...just to make it LoVe
  4. Yup, just a way to bring out the LV I think.
  5.'s going along with the slogan "You can't spell love without LV." That was the idea for the line. :smile:
  6. umm... I'm guessing Louis Vuitton Obsession Extraordinaire:biggrin:
  7. Wow - go to the experts! :yes:

    Another beginner question....

    I "LoVe" the slogan - do they have one for each line?