LV nyc ~ wavier tax?

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  1. i was wondering if i buy LV from the store in nyc will they charge me tax if i have it shipped? i've only bought LV from the boutique in nj and obviously have 7% tax. but i know saks/bg/etc don't charge tax if i buy whatever and have it shipped home to nj.

    will the LV store do this too? tia. i want to figure out if i should really bother buying a LV bag for my mom's birthday now or just wait til later.

    the $50 increase or whatever isn't a big deal. lol just the tax!!

  2. no tax, for sure...I've done it:tup:
  3. you will not be charged tax, but be sure to remind the sa!

  4. thanks so much for the quick reply. i'm heading over today! :smile:
  5. thanks so much for the quick reply!! i can't wait to get my mom something!