LV nvf stitching issue

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  1. Hi anyone have like this stitching? bought this in singapore and just noticed this now. Have you experienced this and what did you do? the stitch is uneven and the handles &
    glazing isnt nice. it looked like a knock off :sad: thank you!

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  2. Was this bought new or used?
  3. used. the bag is only 2018 and w/ receipts
  4. If you want to know more about the authenticity I would advice you to look for a paid authentication service online.
  5. Perhaps the mods should create a “glazing on neverfull straps” clubhouse thread because geez louise.
  6. You should have this bag authenticated - a receipt doesn’t authenticate a bag.
  7. For a used bag, the handles are probably going to show the most wear (it's basically the only place on the bag that is guaranteed to have contact with the body). You can always get LV to reglaze it for you (though maybe that would defeat the savings you got by buying used). As for the stitch... that can happen with anything that is machine sewn - it just means it happened to run through the machine at a slightly faster speed then it should have for that stitch - this happens either because the person running then machine is pulling the material instead of just guiding it under the needle, or the material bunched as it got near the needle and then flattened out at it got sewn). Not ideal, but I wouldn't consider either of those issues as a reason to think it's fake. But as everyone else has mentioned, if you are concerned then you should just get it authenticated.
  8. Return to seller if you’re not happy. Simple.
  9. did you buy the bag with the handles as they are now?