LV novice

  1. Hi,

    I have to say that i never cared much for LV before checking out yeuxhonnettes' showcase ;) I have a silly question:

    are the monogram canvas bags made of leather? or is it only the trim that's leather (vachetta... i'm assuming that means cow??)

  2. It's only the trimming (and usually the handles) that are made of vachetta leather.

    The rest is coated canvas.
  3. Hi there and welcome to PF!:flowers: Mono bags are made of canvas and have leather trim and handles. I hope this helps.:smile:
  4. so the value of the bag resides in the design, quality and the history of LV... not necessarily superior long-lasting leather
  5. Actually the coated canvas may last longer than leather, even fine quality-leather, IMO. And welcome to PF! :flowers:
  6. ok...that clears things up :smile:

    thanks for the warm welcome ;)

    I have my eyes set on a Bh as a first LV... seems to be a nice tote size... however i don't live near any boutiques, high-end stores and it makes it hard to feel the bags..etc.
  7. Welcome to the forum :biggrin:
  8. There's eluxury, with a 60 return period so you could order it and you do have a longer period to think about it.

    & Welcome. :smile:
  9. The mono canvas is very sturdy and the bag looks beautiful over time.
  10. Welcome!
  11. awwww :shame:... thank you :love:!

    the canvas does last a long time, and if you take good enough care of the leather, that can last too, except for the patina process.

    the BH would make a great bag, and you can order off eLuxury. that's what i have to do too :yes:
  12. yeuxhonnettes got me too.... :yes:

    she is the reason I bought a BH on elux the other day :yahoo: !! I saw the BH in her collection then on her in 3 pics holding it & ::BAM::, my :heart: went Pitter Pat-Pitter Pat for the BH :love: She looked so good with hers, I only hope I can do mine that much justice!

    ps. Welcome :flowers: , these PF'ers are wonderful!!
  13. my love, i think sometimes it's not what you do for the bag, it's what the bag does for you :yes:

    and thank you :kiss:!
  14. Welcome to PF!
  15. "It's not what you do for the bag, but what the bag does for you." - Me :P

    :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: too cute...good one!