LV novice about to go shopping ~ please can you help?

  1. hi! ~ i am new to TPF & started out lurking in the chanel forum ~ however ~ i find myself spending more & more time over here drooling at all the :love: purchases. i am about to be let loose in an LV store for the first time :woohoo: & i want to buy a mono speedy & some amarante ~ :love: accessories ~ 'tho i have a few questions & i'm hoping some of you lovely experts can help ~ so here goes ~ i am a little concerned over the handles being so light ~ do you put anything on them to protect them? ~ is there likely to be a new speedy anytime soon? ~ how often do they launch a new design? ~ :sweatdrop: i know we newbies are annoying with all the questions ~ :shame: ~ T so much IA ~ v :flowers::flowers:
  2. Hi there!
    I have a monogramm speedy 35; it is about 25 years old, it travelled around the world with me, I used it to store everything from books to bottles of mineral water in it and the handles are as good as new except for the colour.
    The only thing that ever needed to be replaced on this bag was the zipper. So don't worry about the handles being too light!!!
    Regina :tup:
  3. i, along with many others on here use appleguard to protect new vachetta. there are posts about where to get it, and how to use it here...
    as for new speedy's, all i know is the water color coming out this spring. there are 2 versions. The regular, and the frame one, with the exotic handle.
  4. thank you for replying regina :flowers: ~ i don't think i could read a better testimonial to the LV mono speedy that yours! ~ :lol: ~ many thanks!
  5. A mono speedy is the classic LV bag - great choice for your first. I recommend the 30. Amarante accessories are gorgeous w/it. I have an Amarante cles and love it. Have fun!
  6. The watercolour Speedy will be released for S/S but I think mono is a great choice for your first LV, it will never go out of fashion!
  7. I think you will be really pleased with the mono speedy. The vachetta really is not something you have to be overly cautious with; it will turn to a honey golden color with use. Beautiful!
    Be sure to post pics!
  8. Hi and welcome to tPF!! I think you will find many answers about vachetta in the FAQ's section.

    Also, a speedy is a great first classic!! Let us know what you get!!
  9. The Mono Speedy is THE bag to start off with as its a classic!

    Good luck with your purchases, and do update us with pics when you have bought your goodies! :upsidedown:
  10. A mono speedy is a great choice! Also check out the damier speedy, you won't have to worry at all about vachetta with this one.
    I have a damier speedy 30 and it's my favorite LV! It fits everything and goes with almost everything. But now I'm contemplating the mono speedy 35 aswell...
    Keep us posted!
  11. You can never go wrong with a mono speedy, and the amarante accessories are stunning. I think you're off on the right track. One reason LV has stayed in style for so long is because their bags hold up so well. You'll be able to use that speedy for years and years. Enjoy picking it out and using it. And post picts!
  12. For a first bag I would go with the mono speedy, it is a classic
  13. Another Speedy lover here. My Speedy 25 is 19 years old ... I had all the leather replaced on mine to make it look new again ... yours will last forever!

    I also love Amarante, I have been trying to decide what to get myself. Maybe a cles or something else small to start?
  14. thank you all so much girls ~ you are so very helpful & kind! ~ :flowers: ~ i now understand why i thought there was another mono speedy with darker leather! ~ the handles darken with age! :shame: lol! ~ will post pics of my new LV purchases when i get them ~ thank you again ~ vxx
  15. Looking forward to seing what you buy ... have fun in the boutique!