LV note cards and new plastic LV gift cards

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  1. My SA gave me these note cards a few weeks ago. I think there was another post about it but it didn't show the other card, so here are a few pics...

    The note cards are the size of a standard birthday card and the envelopes had my LV store's address on the back of the envelope.

    Also, just wanted to mention that while I was in Las Vegas this past weekend, I noticed at the register counter that LV now had gift certificates for purchase that look like "credit cards." Previously, the LV gift certificates were paper and the SA would write in the dollar value on the front of the paper gift certificate. Now, LV has caught up to the rest of the world and offers gift certificates in the form of a credit card style. They were dark brown with just a large "LV" on the front of the gift card and made of hard plastic with a magnetic strip on the back of the gift card. Would make a nice little souvenir to keep after using the LV gift card at the store!
    IMG_0035.JPG IMG_0034.JPG IMG_0033.JPG IMG_0030.JPG IMG_0032.JPG
  2. aww those are cutee :] thanks for sharing :heart:
  3. im loving these new cards! thanks for sharing.
  4. No wonder when I bought my vernis cles, and the receipt is in an envelope with the store address on it. I didn't get the note card though but I grabbed the holiday catalog.
  5. Hey those look cool!

    Thanks for sharing. :smile:
  6. can u post the picture ?
  7. Nice! I like those cards!
  8. Ooh cute!
  9. Love them!!
  10. SOOO cute!
  11. I love them!
  12. How cute!!
  13. how cute ... thanks for sharing!
  14. Those are so Cute!!!
  15. ~Very cute:yes:Laura, did you get my PM? Hope you had a great TG w/ your DH. Don't forget to tell me all abt. it.;)