LV not shipping to Canada - grrrrr

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  1. So with the newly renovated LV website now offering e-shopping, I thought (hoped?) that they'd offer shipping to Canada...

    No such thing! Am I the only one cheesed off at this?? :cursing:

    I have a friend in the States who was very surprised to learn that much of the time Canadians can look, but they can't touch w/r to online shopping...

    An American citizen can have their purchase shipped to a different address as their billing address - this to me shows a reduced concern for credit card fraud (reason cited by many online retailers to explain why they will only ship to the billing address).

    So why not ship to Canada? Or sell to Canadians and deliver to a valid US address??

    Haven't any of these retailers heard of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) which in part was created to strengthen the harmonious bonds between the countries, to create an expanded and secure market for goods, etc... blah blah blah...

    This just plain sucks.

    Sorry for the rant. I had just read another thread where a lucky girl got an unexpected gift with her order - Good for her! I think it may have created many unplanned orders to the LV website - so I decided to check to see if I could order something - anything!

    No way Jose.


    Anyway, Cheers!
  2. So upset about this only thing I can bag at my Holt's is bags, and I really, really like their jewlery and shoes! So jealous!!!
  3. hey it's nice to see another person from Ottawa here! I wish the Holt Renfrew here would at least get a small LV counter lol :sad:
  4. I wish the Ottawa Holt's had SOMETHING - the closest we have is Montreal! But aren't the prices still much better in the States? I just bought a Speedy 30 and the exchange ended up being less in Cdn $$, for the first time ever (!).

    At any rate, isn't there going to be a trunk show in Ottawa w/ LV this fall? I vaguely remember the SA there telling my sister something about that, but I was too busy looking at the Gucci stuff (should have paid better attention!)...

  5. yeah it's now much cheaper to buy LV in the US. I didn't hear about the trunk show though, that would be cool!
  6. I'll have to get some info and post it. Hopefully it hasn't already come and gone!
  7. Please let me know if you hear anything :smile: I'm so sick of ordering stuff over the phone from the Montreal store haha.
  8. You are definately not the only one who is disappointed!! I am very sad that we can't buy from LV or eLux!! It sucks that we can't order online :sad:
  9. I think the HR trunk show is going to be end of November - at least that's what my sister remembered from chatting with the SA (Peter, I believe his name was).

    I'll call today to see if I can get better info.
  10. Yesterday I fired off an email to about not shipping to Canada and received this in response:

    We would like to thank you for your visit on our web site and your
    interest in Louis Vuitton.
    At this time Louis Vuitton does not offer on-line shopping for Canada.
    Please note that we may offer on-line shopping to Canada in the future.
    I apologize for any disappointment this may cause and thank you for your
    interest in Louis Vuitton. In addition, your concerns have been
    documented and will be forwarded to concerned executives for further

    Has anyone ever seen this teaser about perhaps offering online shopping in the future? Unsure if this has been their standard response?
  11. oh that's good. I e-mailed them once and they just told me the only way to buy LV in Canada was to go to the official boutiques or phone web. God I hope they start an online store ASAP.
  12. I'll send them an e-mail to show there is interest in online shopping in Canada haha.
  13. I emailed them as well last week b/c I was so disappointed and this is the response I received back:

    We would like to thank you for your visit on our web site and your
    interest in Louis Vuitton.
    At this time, Louis Vuitton does not have confirmed plans to allow
    on-line shopping in Canada. I apologize for any disappointment this may cause.

    It says there is no CONFIRMED plans..perhaps alluding to the fact there has been some discussion of it actually happening one day...*fingers crossed*
  14. Well, well, well - this may actually be good news (for once?). Their official response has changed in the past week from "does not have confirmed plans" to "we may offer on-line shopping to Canada in the future".

    It's crumbs they're throwing us, but we've got to work with something!

    I propose all the Canadian LVers unite, and bombard them with emails. Strength in numbers and all that jazz. I'm going to get DH, sister and anyone else who'll listen to me to fire off an inquiry.

    Worth a try anyway.
  15. I agree it is frustrating! I live on a Gulf Island on the West Coast of Canada and I have to either fly or take 2 ferry boats to get to Vancouver to do my LV shopping! :nuts:

    Of course there is always eBay, but sometimes you want the newest pieces right when they come out and without having to worry about authenticity. Plus, have you ever tried to get a complete LE set in similar conditions after the fact on eBay? It's almost impossible!