LV not as high-class as brands like Chanel & Balenciaga???

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Mar 25, 2010
Hi fellow tPF-ers, I'm a relatively new fan of LV (prior to this, I was never really into designer bags but the damier nf converted me a year ago) and I'm actually planning to make another few more purchases this year. I was just chatting with a friend about my plans but what she commented made me feel rather uncomfortable.

She said that LV is passe and that the really stylish people who knows their stuff no longer go for LV these days but are now buying up-market/ couture brands like Chanel and Balenciaga which are more subtly fashionable and do not flash logos. She herself has been "upgrading" to Chanel and thinks that I should steer in the same direction to "differentiate myself from the common masses".

Personally, I prefer the bag designs in LV as compared to Chanel or Balenciaga so I don't think I'll buy either brands for the sake of "upgrading". I'm also not sure abt the quality of these 2 brands. But I'd like to know what the rest of you think about how LV compares to Chanel and Balenciga?


Apr 1, 2009
there's a thread where members rank the brands in order. i forgot what it's called. IMO i think overall LV is classic and never outdated. there are some designs that i'm not a fan of in LV because i think they're too flashy. there are many lines in LV that don't carry the logo or do it subtly (such as epi, mahina, damier, etc..). also in each brand there's going to be high and lower end products. i think the higher LV lines are definitely at least on par with Chanel and bbags.


Nov 3, 2008
I've never considered Balenciaga being above LV in terms of "high-class." For me it goes:

1. Hermés
2. Chanel
2. Louis Vuitton
(tied for 2nd)
3. Balenciaga
Jul 10, 2007
I buy what I like, not what other people think is high-class. Stylish people who know their stuff? Differentiate yourself from the common masses? How pretentious is that? She's not buying bags because she likes them, she's buying them to make herself feel better than other people.

It's a purse. Buy what you like. Screw what other people think.


Nov 29, 2009
Even though I am personally in love with LV, I have to say that at least Chanel is considered more prestigous than LV. I guess it has sth. to do with the "starting" prices of the products. For instance, a speedy 25 costs only about $665, while one have to pay at least $1000 for a Chanel....Also, it might becouse Chanel is a old coutoure fashion house and LV only started its clothing line in the recent years.
Anyhow, I definitely believe LV has much superior quality than C and B when it comes to handbags and luggage. They are what made LV famous after all.
When it comes to functional, durable everyday bag with elegant and classical design, no one does it better than LV.:biggrin:


Jan 22, 2010
Los Angeles
Honestly, I like LV more than the other brands because I just like their styling better. I have been a Marc Jacobs fan since I was 12! I have always wanted a Chanel bag, but I can NEVER get any help in the boutiques, plus I can never find any styles that I like. The classic bags just remind me of old lady purses, and the new bags are just not my style. I also feel like Balenciaga handbags are for the boho types like Nicole Richie and the Olsens; almost like they're the "anti-trendy" handbags that are trendy (KWIM?)
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