LV Nomade

  1. I just recieved an e-mail from LV about their Nomade leather collection. What do you think? For some reason its just OK to me...nothing too exciting.
    n1.jpg n2.jpg n3.jpg
  2. I got it too- I bet it'll look great after it's broken in!
    Full Nomade Line.jpg
  3. Yeah, I got that email yesterday. I don't see anything too special about it, it's a nice color, though. Is anyone planning on getting something?
  4. i adore it. the alma is gorgeous beyond belief, :heart:3
  5. I think it is very classy and elegant. It reminds me of what the wealthly people would have carried in the early part of the 1900s.
  6. I def agree...the ALMA is stunning to me, the shape and simple leather goes so well together, and it looks so elegant. I hope later in life I can get one just like it!
  7. Pictures do not do it justice. It so gorgeous irl. :yes: I want the Alma soooooo badly. :upsidedown:
  8. hey i was just reading the description for the nomade alma on ebay and it says "Nomade caramel leather tanned with plant extracts; ages over time to a rich patina" ...does this mean the whole bag turns to a dark patina? that would be very interesting
  9. I got this email also. I have to say that I am so drawn to the Speedy. I'm thinking about it. It's more appealing to me than the others for some reason. Do you think the leather is stiff or soft? I haven't seen them IRL. I hope it doesn't damage easily. This one is a keeper and will be a very classic bag for sure.
  10. It certainly damages easily! Nomade is prone to scratches, so if your fingernail hits into it...then a mark will probably be left.

    It's the whole "look" of the Nomade, so scratches add to its character.

    Some people like the aged look, while other may be very paranoid about every dent/mark, etc.

    But I also believe it is a very classic bag!:yes: