LV Noe need your opinion


Nov 9, 2005
Well, I took my daughter to LV yesterday - a surprise for her 16th birthday present. I had her try out several of the little bags and in the end she picked the MC speedy 30 which is great because I can borrow it from her. While I was there I impulsively bought the large Noe. It is beautiful but after I got home I started thinking that maybe it is just too big of a monogramed statement and maybe I should look to something slightly smaller. I really love the hudson but it is almost twice the price. I have a cabas piano which I recently bought used but in great condition and I have been carrying it the last several days. But I did want my own brand new one. What do you think of the Noe. I can't post pics until I get home tonight but it is the larger version of the petit Noe. Thanks.
I think it depends of your body shape. If you are tall it'll ptobably suit you. It tried the multicolor noe last week (it#s brand new) but it looked to big on me because i am pretty petitee other person call me short ;). I do like the big noe better than the small one but like i said depends on the body size. I just love the hudson, go for it!!Let me know what you decided!
I tend to lean more towards the Hudson IMO. It has great lines and even though it's twice the price, look at it as an investment. I bet you that you won't have to buy another handbag like that for a looong time (unless you want to) b/c it will last you a lifetime. LV's are chincy. They're made to last!
The large Noe is pretty substantial, and I believe that it can look good on not just the taller ladies but just about everyone. I really like the look of the petite noe though, especially in epi, which could be another option since it is a little less bold and more understated. I'm not really a fan of the shape of the hudson, it just seems like Marc is getting a little overzealous with his buckles !

And that's quite the present for your daughter, I would be through the roof ! I thought you were only going to get her a monogrammed pochette ! ;)
I have seen the large noe on small women and it looks fine to me. I think it more depends on the size of the bag you currently use. I wouldn't pick the hudson either its just not a favorite of mine. Keep us posted!
The Noe works for any body size. I had one but our house was robbed and they took my Noe to carry our power tools they stole in. I was pretty upset about power tools being carried in my bag.
allison said:
The Noe works for any body size. I had one but our house was robbed and they took my Noe to carry our power tools they stole in. I was pretty upset about power tools being carried in my bag.

I remember this story ! It was such a tragic tale. :cry:
I was going to get her the little thing, but it was so little and for $300 more I could get her a bag that I was actually wanting for myself so now I know I can borrow it. Also, I told her if she takes care of it she will still be using it 10 years from now which she probably wouldn't with the little one. I was bidding on one on ebay and didn't win and it sold for almost $300 and it was a 25. I called the seller and she actually has over 10,000 authentic LV pieces and she is bonded and she provides the bags to the entertainment industry for movies etc. She is in malibu and she is opening a store for used LV. My cabas is real, they do have the LV on the zipper pull. They thought it was actually in pretty good shape for a 10 year old LV. They did not recommend replacing the bottom yet. I will go home and look at the Noe again. I saw it and I just loved it and then a gal walked in the store with a well worn one and it look great. I am a big bag person and I am not a little person, although I was watching fashion dos and don't and they said don't carry such large bags that they could be a carry on luggage. They also said lay off the monogramed look unless it is understated. That is what got me thinking that maybe I'm being too bold with the Noe.
the little mc pouchette. I think it was $200. but they recommend adding the key chain to it to lengthen the strap so it can be carried more easily on the shoulder, then it is $330. and the speedy 30 was $560 and I went to Portland so no tax. the mc speedy 25 was about 25 years old and it had the handles replaced by LV recently so they were still light and the pulls and tabs and piping were honey. But otherwise it was in perfect condition. she's a LV seller who you can actually phone and ask her about any bag you may be looking for used and she may have it and her stuff is all real. but it's not cheap. Used runs about 30-50% off retail. I'd rather get new for most. Some of her stuff is listed for 10-15K dollars so she is into the high end stuff too.Her store in Malibu will be opening soon she said.
we must be talking about different bags. The Monogramed Canvas speedy 30 is $560 at LV. that is the one I bought my daughter. I may be bag nuts but not that nuts to buy my 16 year old (who is sometimes not very respectful to me) a bag for $1670.