LV no longer taking MTO for Damier Ebene Galliera?

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    I just read on the Club Galliera thread that a customer had her MTO request turned down for the Damier Ebene Galliera. I wonder if this means it is being added to the permanent line? I ordered my MTO Damier Ebene Galliera PM just over two weeks ago. I wonder if I can stop it and wait for the bag to come out if it is going to be added to the permanent line. Anybody have any experience with stopping a MTO bag two weeks or so after placing an order?
  2. i have no idea, but im interested to see if other tpf'ers can chime in!

    that would be awesome if it was made permenant!
  3. ^^^ same here awhitney... would buy in a heartbeat!!
  4. Oh please please please LV make it a perm. bag!!!!! Don't they realize how many people would buy it, inluding me :graucho:

    I would call your SA asap to find out because maybe you can stop it and not have to pay the extra $$$ for a MTO!
  5. Isn't MTO deposit non-refundable?
  6. My DH and I were just talking about this exact subject a few hours ago. I just bought a mono galliera today and he was asking me when they are going to make the damier permanent.
  7. I just spoke with the 866 customer service. I was told LV is no longer taking any MTO requests for any soft sided pieces because they are going to be 'expanding choices of fabrics' in the near future. Sure sounds to me like a Damier Ebene Galliera PM is on the horizon. I hope I can get my order cancelled - I'll use the $$ for something else LV!
  8. Or maybe they will offer more choices for fabrics for the Galliera. I would LOVE a Graphite Galliera!!!
  9. :nuts:

  10. Hi Gwen10, does it mean that LV will not be accepting MTO for anything else other than travel pieces??
  11. I wish they would make more patterns in the tivoli. I just bought one because I am in love with it, but I also have a mono speedy and they are similar. Maybe I will switch up the speedy for one in damier down the road. Does anyone know if I could have SO the tivoli in dmaier?
  12. ITA!!! more graphite please. I would LVoe a graphite speedy 35
  13. This is exactly the way I understood it.

  14. oh wow this sounds pretty exciting! if only all the current MTO models join the permanent collection... would anyone happen to know how long LV typically takes to release something that used to be from the MTO line??
  15. OMG, I will run to the store if the Galliera Damier Ebene PM comes out. Seriously I cant even wait!!!! I have been obsessed with this bag for the last month, but I dont want azur or mono. So this is my biggest dream!!! Please please please let this happen..