LV no longer heat stamps bags ???

  1. I took a half day off of work today and took my mom to the LV store in Union Square (SF), totally excited because we were both planning to have our LV bags heat stamped! Today is my mom's bday too! Then the SA and manager told me that they now only heat stamp luggage tags, agendas, wallets, anything "flat" that they can scoot into the machine easily. Bags are not included (although a zipper pull is flat, and I can think of other flat areas on a bag too, but I didn't argue). The manager said that it's really easy to "mess up" a heat stamp on a bag, and once that happens, the bag is ruined, so they've stopped heat stamping bags as of mid-2006. Anyway, I had my luggage tag (from my Deauville) heat stamped.

    Have any ladies successfully had their bags heat stamped recently? And if so, where? I'm thinking maybe the policy isn't enforced at every store. Although, I was told it was possible from the LV SA at Bloomies, but the LV SA at LV said perhaps not everyone is aware of the policy change. :cursing: My mom has a Damier speedy 30 and would like it stamped, and I'd be willing to come up with creative ways to get the bag into an LV store that is willing to do it!

    Okay, sorry for the long post... just had to rant...
  2. that's WRONG. I've had several heatstampings done and they were all post mid-2006, in fact, I just got back my last one about 1 week ago:yes:
  3. Hmmm... perhaps try asking at another store? :shrugs:
  4. Yeah, it looks like I'll be calling up the LV at Valley Fair soon... but if anyone else could confirm which store they've had it done at recently, I could perhaps use it to help my case. :yes:
  5. Montreal Ogilvy Louis Vuitton (Canada) :yes:
  6. ^ Thanks! :flowers:
  7. maybe the SA just wanted to protect their butts from a previous bad heat stamping incident and they themselves (that particular store) didn't want to do the bags anymore.
  8. I never heard that they stopped heatstamping bags.
  9. I agree!
  10. :confused1: It would be more expensive for them to mess up for example an agenda, than a zipper pull! the whole bag would not be ruined at all, u can replace zipper pulls for next to nothing, hmmm Mr Manager must of been having a bad day.
  11. not very friendly SA, I don't understand there are so many unfriendly SA's, we spend so much money on lv!
  12. they told me that they would do it, but that the risk of ruining the bag is quite high so better not doing it - otherwise it will not be their fault!!!!

    good luck
  13. I would ask anouther store.
  14. I would call another store and let them do it. They probably told you that b/c they have messed up and don't want to risk messing up again.
  15. Yup, ITA. :yes:

    Good Luck!