Lv nightmares - anyone?


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Mar 23, 2008
I don't know is it just me but I've had already two "nightmares" about louis vuitton :lol: first time I didn't think that it would be important to report it here but this is ridiculous..

1. I've had just go trough every rose-thread in here before I went to bed and was thinking that that rose pouch would be great purchase..
= in my dream I went to this big mall were they had two lv boutiques. I was very excited of that coming rose purchase and I wanted to go to the bigger shop what also had more glamurous appearance.
But when I passed that smaller one I saw few bu "friends" who I've had few fights and stop seeing, calling anymore and one of them insisted me to join with them ans tell what I've been doing and so on. Well.. I ordered this smoothie and sat down with rest of them to the round table. I noticed that the guy next to me looked sooo boring to the girlstalk :P
So.. I skip the talk we had in here because it's not essential but when I was leaving (I was so eager to go buy that rose pouch!!) I dropt my smoothie on my shirt! and the only thought was that oh no now I have to go like this to lv!
Well I tried to hide it as much as possible and when I stepped into the boutique I felt my smile growing into my face ;) I found sa and asked her if they had anymore that pouch.
- Rose what?
- Rose pouch
- Rose pouch?
- On that new limited line
- rose?
:faint: I couldn't believe she didn't knew the line (maybe I've been reading too many stories here that sa didn't knew what bag etc. you've been talking when some of you went to lv store :nuts:)
But she did remember what pouch is - daa - and then she took me on the back of this store where were a lot of these teenage girls admiring bags..
And then she hand over me this oxygen mask :nuts: you know what people use if there's toxic cemicals in the what polices use. ( I think I just watched pimp my ride on mtv where this rap star went to see this guy and he had to use this gas mask because those gas smells etc. went inside the car!)
She explained me that these pouches were so new that they still had this smell and everything from the production process. And then she opened this soooo smal door on the wall and there they were.. pouches over pouched each others like they didn't care if they got bad shaped on that process.
Well then she showed every pattern.. can you say that? after another and there were no roses.. :crybaby: and she din't let me show it on the internet on one of their computers..

2. I wanted to see that large lv luggage with wheels so I ordered it from eluxury. When it came I was excited but after opening the box (there was this cardboard box and after that one box more) I didn't like it. I knew that it would be easy to just return it afterwards and get my money back so I started to wrap it to boxes again.
Unfortunately I had treated the first box so badly while opening so I couldn't put it there again so I just wrapped it into one box. But the second box was quite thin and you could see the luggage through few holes.
So I went to the post office where I've been returning packaged before but they said that it was too big to return it this way so they had to call tnt courier to get it at my home..
But then there was some sort of troubles with my wrapping.. :roflmfao: and that I've had scrolling it to the post office so there were these scrathes and stuff.. so then I was with this 5000€ luggage what I didn't want and there were no way I could return it :sad: and I was in some sort of money troubles already.. so sad.


Dec 3, 2008

I have terrible nightmares about people taking my bag.
Robber: "Give me your money" me: "Take everything, but not the bag"
Then he takes my bag and runs away:crybaby: