LV nice mini

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  1. I have this bag on hold, my SA sent me a message as soon as they had one in the store. Has anyone seen it yet in person? She sent me these pics.

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  2. Super cute!! Never seen irl.
  3. I consider this more of a small leather good/travel accessory/toiletry bag than a bag. I’m waiting for the version next year with the strap.
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  4. Soooo adorable!:heart:
  5. Very cute. Do you know the price?
  6. Really? Is it Coming with a strap? That would be awesome
  7. Adorable!!
  8. Take a look at the Spring 2020 thread
  9. Ok will do. Thanks
  10. It is very cute. Not sure what I d do with it though.
    I can already predict someone “creative” is going to try to turn this into a handbag. :lol:
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  11. I think this might look better as a handbag than the bigger ones.
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  12. I assume it’s smaller than the BB? Hard to tell from the dimensions online
  13. This version doesn’t have the metal D rings in the top handle like the BB versions. From what I have seen that’s where some add the strap which in this case doesn’t look like an option.
    The version is smaller than the BB and looks like will work best for its intended purpose as an organizer than as a modified bag imo.
  14. If I get this one, I see myself tying one of my bandeaus and use it as a strap.
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