LV news: MC Pegase this fall!

  1. I spoke to my SA today when I ordered a little something (kept the poor thing on the line for 22 minutes asking questions :p ) and got some info:

    1. When I asked to be put on the waitlist for the Vernis Pegase, she said that they would also be releasing a pegase in MC! She also said a definite color for the Vernis Pegase would be pomme.

    2. Another Miroir Lockit confirmation- she said LV was keeping it quiet as to not take attention away from the new spring lines. I am now first on the waitlist for the lockit in both gold and silver at the Lahaina boutique:yahoo:

    3. There are no more Sophies or Couer heart purses left in Hawaii :push:

    4. Mens' random info: sadly sold out of all Ouvea from S/S '06 (guess I'll just have to remian envious of dd's carryall :p ) She also said LV was discontinuing the Pionnier in the terre and noir colors, leaving only the sable- I found this hard to believe since sable has practically been discontinued itself but she's never been wrong before :rolleyes:

    I know no one wanted one but me, but LV Hawaii is all out of the discontinued Satellite 53 in mono but they still have a couple ones in ardoise taiga for something like $2.5K :wtf: . LV is also discontinuing the poche toilette 26 in damier.

    Sorry for the rant- LV adrenaline I guess! :roflmfao:
  2. MC and Vernis pegase!!:nuts::nuts:
  3. !!! Thanks for all the info!!!
  4. Thanks for the info. I posted about the vernis one a couple of weeks ago and the other confirmed color is the Amarante.
    Anyway good-I'm glad more people are confirming the Miroir Lockits!
  5. ^^Thanks for the reassurance on amarante! I asked to be put down for the amarante pegase and my SA said the only one she knew of was pomme.

    I need a MC pegase I tried to SO one a couple of years ago but they wouldn't do it

    I want that pegase :yahoo:
  7. Funny, I was just on the phone last week with my SA and he said there were 14 ouveau keepalls left, I was going to get one but I have something else in mind! they must have all sold lol! how dare they discontinue those colors!
  8. ^^Matt, I was talking about Hawaiian inventory. But they really have 14 left??!?! Yay! :yahoo: Could you PM a good mainland SA to work with?
  9. So ummm. THis means it's time to get on the waitlist for the lockit!?!? :yahoo: LOVE news from LV. I can't wait to see the MC one, but my oh my is it going to look dirty in white after a few trips.
  10. I love the ouveau! I like the carryall better than keepall but the pattern is fabulous either way. Good luck in your search and be sure to post pics if you find one!

    And thanks so much for relaying news of a MC pegase. I'm soooo excited! Sold my brown mono ages ago and was wanting a bosphore trolley to replace it but I'm holding out for black MC now!! So exciting!!!
  11. can some one use their photoshop skills and make us 2 mc pegase's pleeeease? i know squat on how to do it lol

  12. pretty pretty please!

    although when I see pics I think I may just die on the spot I want this one so bad you have no idea.

    Valley do you know Is it black and white available or only white?

    Are the MC keepalls still available they aren't on the web anymore?
  13. hey a lot of LV stuff isn't on the site :sad: but is still available!! I called about that before lol!

    mc keepalls, L'Extravagant, mini hl, ipod holders, ect...
  14. I'd be shocked if they did release real luggage in Multicolore and Vernis as those two are delicate material and can easily be faded, damaged, color change and so forth. :push: I'll stick to my classic monogram luggage...
  15. MC Pegase!!!! Good thing I waited...I almost bought the Pegase on Friday but my SA convinced me to wait for the other luggage that's going to be released soon!