LV Newbie people with the black MC....

  1. People with black MC do you love it? Can you wear it year round? Getting tired of mono canvas and was interested in the black MC line....any thoughts welcomed....
  2. I love MC Black. But I have a cles and want to get a speedy 30 & a Trouville and the Lodge PM in the near future. :choochoo:
  3. I have a black mc alma and yes you can wear it all year
  4. I also have the black MC alma. I would wear it all year. I prefer it over the white!
  5. there is a thread on here with the MC black Aurelia MM...I am really liking this bag...nice change from mono canvas...with 2 mono canvas bags that is enough...change is good and black MC is so nice...the black MC Alma is sooo stunning I prefer it over the white not sure why....Syntagma is it true blondes have more fun????? that you are on the other side you can tell us....

  6. Yeah, I can't say why I prefer the black MC but I do! I think maybe because it isn't as common and you CAN use it all year!?!:shrugs:

    NOW OT: LOL It's a myth. Blondes don't have more fun. Actually I get more attention as a brunette!?!?! Seriously I thought guys prefered blondes!?:wtf: ! I was wrong!
  7. I have a black MC Petite Noe and I love it. I have to admit that I am nervous to use it because it is so beautiful and the most expensive bag that I have so far. I think the MC line is addicting because I bought the white trouville first and loved the color so much I obsessed about adding a black MC to my collection. Maybe it is the PF that is feeding my addiction because now I think a cerise pouchette would be a nice addition. It really never ends!!
  8. I have the speedy in black and I carry it year round!
  9. Are there less black MC fakes has well...I hope so...

    Off topic...don't tell me that...I will have to get some brunette streaks in that case.....

  10. LOL!!
  11. MC is one of my favorite lines! I have more black than white tho! I LOVE it!
  12. I have a black MC speedy, cles and pmp; I use them whenever, depending on my moods :wlae:
  13. i prefer white MC. black MC looks cheap to me somehow. :shrugs:
  14. I love Black MC line.

  15. :yes: Im gonna have to agree with this one:shame: Just looks kind of cartoonish or something, but I do love the white.:love: