LV newbie: Pap 26 or Alma Long?

  1. I know of LV, of course, but haven't really had the opportunity to purchase one since it's a little out of my budget (college student :biggrin:). I'm trying to decide between the Pap 26, or Alma long mini monogram (in blue, which I believe is discontinued). I'm leaning towards the Alma, but wanted to see what you guys thought first. :smile:
  2. definitely the pap 26.. it looks so chic
  3. Alma long (yes,it's discontinued).And WELCOME!
  4. Alma long for sure...much more unique and distinctive. Good luck finding one! It'll be worth it.
  5. among the 2, pap 26... but if i were you, speedy :smile:

    sorry, not much help
  6. Pap 26 is nice!
  7. DEF the Pap!! I don't like the alma at all..
  8. I like the Alma
  9. In another college student's opinion, I'd go with the Pap. :smile:
  10. neither , for me.
    but you already know what you want. you don't need us to back up your decision.
  11. Pap
  12. Alma Long!
  13. i go for the mini monogram alma long and you are right it is already discontinued. Papillon 26 is nice also but in my opinion i'll go for the alma plus i had a hard time using my papillon whenever i need to get something inside the bag.
  14. Welcome!

    I'd go for the Pap 26 too.