LV newbie needs suggestions

  1. heya... i have recently acquired a daimer azur koala purse and am looking to buy a bag next. my main use will be to work or during the weekends when i am out shopping or running errands.

    What would be a good first lv bag?

    TIA :heart:
  2. If you like hand held bags, go for a speedy! :yes:
  3. If you like a hand held bag go for a Speedy 30. If you prefer a shoulderbag go for the Saleya MM
  4. How about Neverfull MM? I love it for everyday use...
  5. i say speedy, or alma, or jasmin, or petite noe, or manhattan pm.
  6. a neverfull would be fantastic in my opinion.
  7. damier azur speedy!
  8. Speedy is a must have for all. Speedy is my first!
  9. speedy or azur berkeley!
  10. My first LV was the petit bucket, then I got a speedy! The speedy would be a great first bag!
  11. Would you be looking for a monogram or a damier bag ? If you wanted to go for a damier, I'd skip the speedy and go to the main event, the trevi ! :graucho:
  12. my first was a speedy 35 and it was fanstastic!
  13. thanks everyone for the suggestions... i am not a big fan of the neverfull so i guess it'll probably boil down to these few:

    1. daimer azur speedy 30 (which my sis has so maybe Epi speedy instead)
    2. Tivoli GM (i tried it on and love how it looked but I am not into monogram. why can't they make it in daimer? :crybaby:)
    3. daimer azur berkley :love:
    4. trevi pm (wish they have it in azur)
  14. I love Daimer... and the berkley and trevi would be two gorgeous bags. I'd pick one of those...chic and classy.
  15. I would skip the Speedy and go for a Damier Berkeley, Trevi, or Saleya. Oh, and I would also consider a Duomo.