LV newbie looking for durable, everyday bag


Jan 3, 2013
New Orleans, LA
First, a confession: I have never been an LV fan but have recently discovered that, while I don't love the traditional monogram, there is a lot more to LV and that they are well made and long-lasting. Ignorance was bliss for my budget but I have reached a point where I am tired of spending money on bags that don't last. If you all don't mind some very basic questions, I would appreciate your advice.
I haven't seen the bags in person (nearest store is 1.5 hours away-hope to get there this week) so excuse my ignorance. My main goal is to buy a very durable and versatile bag that can stand up to everyday use. I am a working mom (casual job) so I don't baby my bags other than to not sit them on the floor and to use some leather conditioner occasionally (although I will pay more attention with a LV). I need a shoulder strap so that I can run after the kids.
I have obsessed over the LV site and have some questions.
First, putting the Monogram Canvas aside, will the Epi line be the most durable? Second, I like the look of the Monogram Empreinte but am wondering if it is a soft, somewhat delicate leather? Would it hold up to everyday wear? Same question about the Antheia-does the lambskin mean that it would need a bit of babying?
I appreciate your input and advice-thanks in advance.
Sep 2, 2012
definitly speedy bandouliere in damier ebene. Its a good starter bag and a classic. U can use it top handle also or use the strap. Since the leather is already treated, you dont need to worry about the oxydising of the handles :smile: I have the classsic speedy in damier ebene without the strap and I LOVE IT. Wish I had bought the one with the strap tho,,,


May 19, 2012
Speedy B is a great suggestion. Also, the Portobello, Neverfull DE, Siracusa DA (If you don't mind vachetta and light bags), or the Brea in Epi would be nice bags to try. Many of the Epi bags are slightly dressy. Hope this helps a little!


Jan 23, 2008
Antheia needs maintenance- delicate lambskin. U may want to consider Selene or Sofia Coppola if u are after leather and both gives dual strap option, I believe these 2 leather are easier to care for.

Empriente leather is soft but still hold some shape. Among all the leather, empriente offers a good variety in terms of style and color. Easy to care for too.

Mahina leather (Selene) is very soft and u can say shapeless.

Epi line- they are structure leather bags and some care is needed.

I love LV but I stay away from monogram canvas unless it is "different".


Jan 21, 2013
I don't have a ton of advice, because I'm a newbie too. I just purchased a empreinte lumi in orient a week ago. I was also not a fan of the traditional monogram. So get what you love. I had this major fear of actually using my bag and wasn't 100% sold on the style and color until I started using it, now I'm in LoVe with no second thoughts. I'm also slightly addicted, thinking I want a wallet and another accesory ASAP. Good luck! Buy it, sit on it a day, make sure the color is something you can wear all the time, and then start using it!


Dec 1, 2012
May I suggest the damier ebene line. Specifically a damier ebene speedy b 35 or a damier ebene neverfull. Both really awesome purses and low maintenance. Good luck!


May 31, 2011
I would too suggest the Damier Ebene Bags. The print is more subtile and very durable. I dont know how old your kids are butI have a 4 year old and carried my Neverfull in DE a year straight. It looks likebrand knew and itgot really abused! One time my little one was literally standing in my bag ;)


Oct 5, 2010
I think the empriente leather is lovely.. It is thick durable leather but still soft and flexible and isn't heavy. I have the lumineuse pm in infini, used it all winter and find it easy to care for, easy to wear, light, comfy and versatile. That extra strap is definetly a bonus. I love amount of pockets there are and the outside zipped pocket is a great, convenient place for a phone.
Like others have mentioned... Damier Ebene canvas is very nice too, durable and very light, I'm not a huge fan of the speedy as its quite common and is one big dark hole inside it, the bag itself lacks structure, but if you like saggy bags then its okay. though they are other very good choices in the ebene collection.
I can't comment on the other lines that I do not own like the antheai and epi but the are very, very beautiful.
Make a list of your favorite bags then check out their clubhouses and watch YouTube reviews on them.. I find this to be the most helpful way to learn the pros and cons about certain bags that have our interests to see if it will work for us.
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Aug 2, 2012
New England
As a LV newbie & mom myself, I definitely recommend the Neverfull or Speedy B (I have both) in the DE or DA print since you don't want monogram.

I use both of these bags everyday and other than the normal patina on the vachetta (mine are both monogram), they hold up extremely well & fit all my needs as a working mom. Good luck! :biggrin:


Jan 24, 2013
I'm a newbie and mom of a 3 year old and I would recommend something hands free that you could wear as a cross body. Such as the EmpLumi which is spacious and you can wear it many ways. It also doesn't scream LV but you will still get tons of compliments! The Neverfull is nice and hands free but from my experience when running around at the park and such, wearing a bag cross body is much easier. Good luck with your search :smile:


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Aug 4, 2011
The Netherlands
Canvas is one of the most durable materials that exists. The funny thing; Canvas is stronger than leather when it comes to stains and durability. Imo Epi does not age very well, canvas does it a lot better. Empreinte is made of strong leather, but canvas is still more durable. Leather needs a lot more babying than canvas.

My answer would be. Neverfull GM in Monogram or a Speedy 35 Bandouliere in Damier/Monogram.

Good luck with your decision and welcome to the amazing world of LV! :flowers: