LV Newbie - Looking for an everyday bag

  1. Hi Ladies & Gents!

    I don't usually post here so firstly let me say hi *waves*!

    I'm looking for an everyday bag, something on the large side that can be worn on the shoulder (have 2 small kids so need to lug their crap around). I'd like something that I can really USE! I'd like a LV as I like their workmanship and think they look great.

    Anyhoo, can anyone recommend a tote-style bag - I like the Mezzo but am afraid of the vachetta on the bottom (this bag WILL go on the ground sometimes). Is there any way to protect it? Does anyone have the Babylone? Any Pros/Cons? Does the Damier come in all styles? Sorry for all the questions, I'm a complete newbie at LV!!!

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Hello!!

    Noe but has vachetta bottom but would hold a ton of stuff and has an adjustable shoulder strap.

    Hampstead MM or GM - Damier - this would be a great tote for you since it's the Damier print and there is no leather on the bottom of the purse.

    Saleya MM or GM - Damier: has rolled handles but you can put it on your shoulder and doesn't have a vachetta bottom.

    Check out or to see pics and measurements of the bags.
  3. for monogram, why don't you look at batignolles vertical or horizontal?
  4. My suggestions:
    Popincourt Haut
  5. Agree. Go for the bv or h.
  6. Wow, thanks so much for your quick replies! I did look at the LV site but they didn't have many pics...I'll check out elux. :flowers:
  7. Hampstead MM is a perfect shoulder bag and has room enough for you and your kiddos===

    Otherwise I did see a Special Order Damier Mezzo on the reference thread! NIIIIIICE!!

    Finally, I'd say also the Popincourt Haut......good luck!
  8. For monogram, I suggest batignolles horizontal. For damier, I'd say go with saleya or hampstead.
  9. also- check out the reference thread of "PICS ONLY"---- hundreds of helpful pics taken by LV owners.
  10. hmm my suggestions would be the batignolles horiz and saleya gm (maybe?). also i'm not sure if its still made, but the luco tote perhaps?
  11. Thanks again for your suggestions. I'm in the Members Pics thread and love all your beautiful pics!!!

    Oooo, liking the look of the Saleya! I'm 5'10" so think the GM or MM would be best. How does it sit on the shoulder?
  12. What about the new Damier Hampstead or Batignolles Vertival.. I actually really like the Cabas Mezzo... it's pretty easy to take care of the bottom :p
  13. I personally would not get anything with a vachetta bottom because it would drive me nuts if I got it dirty. I do know someone that has the Babylone but it does have vachetta handles and I would worry about that. The bag itself is very comfortable over the shoulders and it holds quite a lot of stuff.

    Since you plan on using it as an everyday bag and have to put some of your kids stuff inside I would go with something in Damier or in Epi leather because of its durability. Everyone here has given great suggestions for Damier, the only tote I can think of for Epi off the top of my head is the croisette pm. But one of my favorite totes is the Antigua Cabas MM and I tend to use that as an everyday bag.
  14. Mono: Batignolles Horizontal
    Damier: Hampstead or Saleya

    Have fun!!!
  15. Bh or cabas mezzo