LV Newbie: Epi Speedy or Alma?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a newbie to LV but I am thinking about getting a bag made with the Epi leather. It looks really durable and I think it would be a great runaround bag for everyday. I would like to get red. I like the shape of the Alma but think the Speedy will be easier to get in and out of all the time.

    Which would be more practical a Speedy or an Alma?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I've had fun perusing your clubhouse - you ladies love your LV's!
  2. I love the shape of a speedy better......
  3. Well, I won't be any help as I'm in the same boat! I love both styles & have wondered which is easier to use daily. I LOVE the Alma, but w/ a 2-yr. old in tow is it practical?
  4. speedy is def my style but an alma in black epi is TDF. if u r thinking of a red epi bag i will say speedy. the red on an alma to me is a bit too flash. but i think both bags can be easily to get in and out of.
  5. Honestly I love them both! I do however have a epi black speedy 30 which i ADORE!.
    iTS ROOMY AND ITS THE ONE BACK I GET THE MOST COMPLEMENTS ABOUT . I will eventually get a ep alma but don't know which color???????
  6. If you like the shape of the Alma then that is the one I would pick for you. I think it is actually easier to get in and out of the Alma vs. the Speedy, since the zipper on the Alma goes all the way down the sides.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking of the red epi and that was a good tip. I am going to head into the Chicago store this week - it is about 2 hours away and I'd like to at least have some idea of what to look at while I am there. I just hope the sales associates don't think I am a complete idiot because I don't know ANYTHING abut LV!

    Can you give me and idea on what the cost will be on the speedy and alma? I am thinking about $1000.
  8. I have a Speedy in epi red and really love it.
  9. I love both shapes, unless you are getting speedy 30, it won't be easy to get in and out. Speedy 25 in epi has smaller opening than normal speedy 25.

    I have speedy 25 in red and adore it...I perfer smaller bag for bright color. It's already stand out in the crowd.
    Good luck with your decision, don't forget to join sexy red club
    Here's mine:

  10. 25? 30? OMG I didn't realize they came in different sizes. I really love, love, love the look of your little red one. Hmmmm - maybe a small red epi speedy and then an alma in a different color (Oh no!!!!!) I better get my head on straight before I head down there otherwise who knows what I will come back with!

    Also, any idea of price?

  11. Speedy 25 $885
    speedy 30 $935
    Alma $1040
  12. I like both :P
    It's quite easy to get in and out of the Alma as it opens wide. :yes: The pic shows the opening when you hold the Alma by just one handle - no black hole, you'll find everything!
    alma offen.jpg
  13. if you want a red Epi, then go for the Speedy 25 :yes:. it looks really cute in red, and it's more casual than the Alma. the Alma is significantly bigger, and the shap irritates me, and if it were in red it would be a bit too flashy
  14. I LOVE Speedy in epi! I do like the shape and function of the Alma too though. Though I don't think the opening on the epi speedy 25 is any smaller than the opening on the regular speedy 25, it is a little more difficult to get in and out of for two reasons, the epi speedy is slightly taller/deeper than the mono canvas of the same size, AND the epi leather is stiffer so the opening is tighter, I wouldn't say smaller though, and it does break in a little bit. The alma does give you a wonderful view of your items but IMO it's heavier and the shape is not as easy to carry. You really need to try them on though, when I got my epi speedy I was between that, the Alma, and the Jasmin, I ultimately went with the Speedy because I just felt the style was most versatile, fit my personal style the best, and I liked it best in Mandarin which was the color I was going for......
  15. Red Speedy 25!