LV New NF with pouch in damier?

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  1. I bought the epi neverfull in indigo as soon as it came out and LOVE it, I have been eyeing it in the damier... I noticed they are selling the Mono NF with the extra pouch that the epi leather ones have... Does anyone know or heard if they will do the same for the damier? I'd like it with the extra pouch?
  2. I just bought the damier neverful. No they won't be, at least no time soon. Hth
  3. Ok good to know... I was debating on waiting it out if they did... Do you love yours? I have the kusama NF in white and the epi leather one so I'm not sure I need (ha) the damier, but I was away this week as saw a few and loved the look. No love the red lining
  4. I luv it. I bought the mm. I have the GM in monogram which I find too big when carrying papers and my iPad. The mm is perfect and I've been eyeballing the de for a while. I luv the dark brown with red interior!
  5. i was told by multiple sa's that the damier ebene and azur neverfulls will ultimately be out with the pouches like the neo monogram neverfull. they did not have a date but it seems likely. the neo neverfulls in mono have a different lining from the original, both in color and in font/print.
  6. Ohh that's great news.... Thank you. I'll keep an eye out :smile:
  7. Yes the new neverfull is phasing out the old one eventually I think. They always do mono first, I assume to see how sales go? Like the new Sarah nm3 and favorite mm only being in mono. Ultimately, they usually bring out the other prints later on down the line. I was told that it will be happening with the neverfull eventually too :smile:
  8. I just called and although she couldn't guarantee it, she said she thinks they will be coming out with it by the end of the month. Yay!!! Thanks for all the help!!
  9. That's great, it would be amazing if they fix the cracking glazing issue too! I'd definitely be buying it.
  10. :smile:
  11. I don't have any use for the pouch so rather buy it as it is now for the less price hmm might have to get a move on and buy it!
  12. I already have the DE in gm and love it. It's carefree but now I am wanting the mm in the mono. I saw the new one with the pouch but I too have no use for it cause it's too narrow. Hopefully I can get one before they do away with the original version.
  13. I love the new bright colors the new ones comes in.