LV New line- Damier Azur !!!

  1. Is that true? Launch in November? I love the color...:wlae:
    lv_damier_azur_001.jpg lv_damier_azur_002.jpg lv_damier_azur_003.jpg Azur.gif lv_damier_azur_004.jpg
  2. I'm sorry, but I can never tell the colour on the computer.... White and, what's the other colour?
    Thanks girls... :smile:
  3. I have no idea what the other colour is, since just read the info from other website where girls are talking about fashion. But I like the light color.
  4. its supposed to be a blue/grey
  5. Yup, Nov. 1 is what my SA told me. He said that they're releasing new stuff at the beginning of every month (the groom was just yesterday, damier azur next month, etc.).
  6. I'm pretty sure it's grey....
  7. Oh I can't wait.
  8. I thought the word Azur in French is blue???
  9. Ya....same word exists in english Azure, but technically it's some kinda light purplish blue colour....well iono.....according to Tom Ford with Ester Lauder, their interpretation is so...ya....LV can call their stuff anything and I'll still buy their things! haha
  10. It's a blue grey & we have many threads on this beautiful line. Try searching Damier Azur & you will find out tons of info including prices & release dates.
  11. I can't wait for this line in November! I bet the bags will look so cute with jeans...
  12. now now now... i really like the damier azur speedy looks GORGEOUS!
  13. This line is indeed gorgeous!
  14. The plage, the one with the rope handles..OMGOSH I love that bag!!
    There are only going to be 500 of them though & I am threatening my adorable SA with bodily harm if he doesn't score one for me!
  15. I can't wait for the Azur line! Taco, which bag are you talking about?