LV new items for fall! *new denim too*

  1. you are AWESOME! Thanks soooo much for sharing that!!!!! I HAVE TO get this. and the mini mono speedy is looking good too!!

    btw, cute avatar!
  2. Wow,thanks:flowers: Don't like the Denim backpacks though:sad:

  3. awww, thank you! :P that's my baby.... i mean my babies. :tender:
  4. the puffy Balenciaga reminds me of our Chesterfield sofa. i like it... that tan Paddington saddle looks nice too, i wonder if the strap is long enough to wear messenger style like the Balenciaga Men's Day..... the Mono Lin Speedy is going to be very popular i recon.... and of all the Grooms, i'd probably only get the vachetta keychain for my collection.

    thanks for the link sophie :flowers:
  5. me too! i wonder how much it will be...
  6. What's the name of the speedy (is it even a speedy?) with the white handles and the shoulder strap? I don't like the Denim Items.
  7. She's absolutely precious (your daughter first and then the bag ;))!! She reminds me a lot of my cousin's little one, down to the little pink dress!
  8. Thank's for sharing!
    I don't like the Denim stuff, esp. the backpacks... eeeewww :blink:
    The Groom Collection is gorgeous :love: and the Mini Mono Speedy aaaaww :girlsigh: Can't wait to see this one in RL.
  9. The mini mono looks patina to worry about! I need to see it IRL to see if I'll like the linen.
  10. Hopefully it won't be more than the MC shirley. It's soooo pretty!!! Ack, I want it NOW!
  11. I'm still loving the Groom stuff the best, so cute !
  12. Oooh, I love the monogram lin speedy (?)
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