LV neverfull sizes VS speedy 30

  1. hey everyone,
    im planning on getting a neverfull MM, fell in love with it after seeing it in a french magazine ad. My question is, because i live miles away from any remotely good shopping and hours away from any LV store, is how close is the Neverfull line in comparison to the Speedy 30.

    i own a speedy 30, and going just by the measurements they have listed on eluxury, it seems the neverfull MM is pretty darn close to my speedys now im wondering if i should go big and get a GM. Im 5'6", 120 lbs...

    if anyone has both bags, and could take some ics, i'd be SOOOOOOOOOO grateful to you....or any input at all would help.

    thanks so much for reading a bit of a new poster, usually im on TFS...but I love all you LV lovers here on TPF!
    :heart: june
  2. I have several Speedy 30s, really it is hard to compare with the Neverfull bag.
    I honestly think the MM is big enough, that's what I bought & I like big bags. The GM I would only use for beach bag!
  3. is it relatively the same size as the speedy or no? i measured my speedy and it seems it's wider than the neverfull, the the width and height seem pretty similar....
  4. June- I was browsing thru some old posts and came across this one. Did you ever get your Neverfull?