LV Neverfull or Eva

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  1. Hi ladies im trying to decide which purse to get for my upcoming birthday. This would be my second LV (first one is the speedy 30 in monogram), i really like the damier ebene but so confused between the two, i love the evas gold plate and crossbody but neverfull seems much more useful. Only problem is i feel like 900 dollars for a tote bag is too much, what do you ladies think
  2. Neverfull!!!
  3. Neverfull by far, you would probably use it more then the Eva :smile:
  4. I vote Eva!! I love mine, she is so useful!
  5. I would say Neverfull is a more practical bag as everyday use. I have MM & GM sizes both in monogram pattern. MM is a more popular bag compared to GM as my SA told me; i found out i'd preferred GM more as work bag and MM as my weekend bag, but again, since i've got so many junkies in my bag as always, i've been carried GM all around those days:P:P
    Eva bag is a cutie, i also have one in monogram;), but barely use it. I adore it so much, small pochette but actually roomy, good for a date out :biggrin::biggrin:
  6. i vote for eva, nf de has so much problems
  7. If your going the the Eva as a cross body, strap tends to be long unless you are tall. The NF is a nice bag, more practical as an everyday bag. If you are not picky, you can get a nice preloved bag for a fraction of the retail price.
  8. i have NF (mono GM and azur MM) and eva in ebene and i love them both. i definitely use my NF bags more than my eva since the NF are big enough to take all of my necessities for work. the eva is great for running errands where it's nice to go hands free and i know that i just need to carry the barest of essentials (although it holds more than i would have thought). so it really depends on which you need more.

    from what you have written, it sounds like you would get more use out of the NF than the eva. if you are anything like me, you'll get whichever bag and plan on using it for the next several years. so if you take cost per wear into consideration, the cost per wear for the NF may turn out to be less than for the eva :biggrin:
  9. You can't go wrong with either choices. But I'd say Eva :balloon::balloon::balloon:
  10. I'd go for Eva! You can dress it up or down with it.
  11. If you're used to the Speedy, definitely go with the Neverfull. I don't think you will get as much use out of the Eva.
  12. Neverfull! My NF was the second bag I purchased after my mono Speedy 30, and I absolutely adore it to bits and get way more use out of it than I ever thought it would. I love big bags so I may be partial, but I think you'd get a lot more use out of the NF than the Eva, although both are gorgeous.
  13. My thoughts exactly. :yes:

  14. I'd go for Eva since you already have an "everyday" bag in the speedy! I love my Eva and use it a lot more than one would think!
  15. just bought the NF here.