LV Neverfull MM

  1. How much is a LV Neverfull MM in Las Vegas? Also do they have tax refund for tourists?
  2. I'm pretty sure the Neverfull is the same price at any US Louis Vuitton Boutique. Their website will list how much it is.

    I don't think their is a tax refund for tourists unless you don't live it the states.

    Fellow TPF members, correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Thanks! I'm hoping to get that bag by December. Hopefully there will be tax refund for tourist. (BTW, I don't live in States)
  4. The Neverfull mm is $820 but there is a rumored price increase in the states in August.

    From what I understand about a tax refund, the US as a whole doesn't offer a tax refund on goods purchased but each individual state decides if they will refund the sales tax for out of country visitors.
    I'm sure the hotel you're staying at will be able to let you know there tax refund policies .
  5. Thank you so much for this info. :smile:
  6. Wasn't there a price increase in June, same as here in Canada? Is another one eminent?
  7. Yup! There's rumurs running around TPF that there will be another one I'm August. That will be the third price increase this year for the US.
    I know I'll be going the pre loved route now.