LV Neverfull MM Damier: date code in a most peculiar place

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Mar 28, 2010
Hello everyone,

I'm hoping you can help me on this please.

I have asked a very good friend to buy me a LV Neverfull MM in Damier when she went on a short trip to London in February 2010. I knew she bought it on day 1, returned home on day 2, and dropped the bag off for me on day 3. I was away on a trip, so didn't get to see the bag until beginning of March.

This is my very first LV bag (yes, it has taken me this long to save up!). When I got the bag, the first thing I did was looked for the date code. I almost fainted when I couldn't find any! Finally, after a very stressful 15 minutes, I found it hidden in a most peculiar place, where I can't even read the 4th number on the tab. Even to read the 3rd number was hard. I was so afraid I would tear the bag/stitches by lifting the pocket up too much. Then I looked up on eBay, and it didn't seem that other bags, especially the Monogram ones, have the date code at the same spot as mine. Is it possible that the same model of LV bags that are made in different places at different times have the date code tabs at different places. I have just emailed my friend and asked for the receipt, but while waiting for it, I'm just so unsettled and think that I should ask someone here too. Considering the time that she bought the bag and dropped it off for me, I don't think anyone had the time to switch it, but still...

Thanks so much.


Jan 12, 2006
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