LV Neverfull GM Damier Ebene ... where art thou?

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  1. Hi everyone, I just discovered this site yesterday and was truly on here for about 8 hours, its amazing! So this is my first post ...

    I am DYING for the Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene - too bad "not a single one is available in the entire United States," to quote the SA at Saks on Fifth Ave. This is unacceptable! :pout: I need one. Any suggestions aside from Ebay? It would just make my month :yahoo: Thanks all! Looking forward to many future posts and hopefully a REVEAL of my NF eventually.
  2. They are supposed to be restocking them online in a few weeks per SA online.
    I'm waiting in the MM!
  3. I've been waiting on the MM past 5 weeks. I call up my SA every other day to check if they have one in yet. On tuesday (oct 5), when my SA was checking to see if any of the other stores around SF (where I live) have one in stock, she told me there are 2 available online. I quickly ordered mine online then :smile: After I placed my order, the bag went out of stock again..looks like they just put up 1-2 bags at a time online. If you keep checking the site you might get lucky like me! Good luck! I'm waiting for my bag to arrive! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :smile:
  4. deboshre im so jealous! thanks for the info though as I will continue to stalk the LV website. I called the 866 number as well, as she suggested doing the same! Enjoy your bag when it comes :greengrin: