LV Neverfull GM and Burberry Trench Coat (Black)

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  1. Hi guys! Just need your opinion. I'm planning to buy the heritage trench coat from Burberry for work and at the same time I'm also planning to buy a Neverfull GM to be used as diaper bag and could later be used as additional bag for work as well. What do you think would be the best print? By the way, I'm planning to use it mainly cinched for extra security so help me decide on the print.
  2. Could you kindly post a pic of the coat? I think it would help people provide feedback. Thanks! :smile:
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    Last edited: May 31, 2016
  4. Definitely Damier Ebene for me! The contrast is striking with the coat and the treated leather is worry- free essentially
  5. If black trench then DE. IF khaki trench then mono.
  6. I'd go for DA or mono. I have a Burberry trench in stone, and the contrast between my DE is lovely.
  7. Here's the coat to match 😊 Same body type too 😅

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  8. I would personally go for DE, would look just as classy as the coat. I think Mono is too busy at times, esp when matched with statement clothes.
  9. Thanks for your suggestion. Already posted! Lol!
  10. De with black for sure!
  11. Also DE is better for a diaper bag in my opinion. no vachetta.
  12. Since most of you guys are picking the DE, I would like to ask, since I want to wear it cinched I dunno maybe most of the time, was the peeling/cracking issues of the DE already resolved by LV?
  13. DE print, bc it will withstand the rain better. The coat is gorgeous! I have it in the tan color and it goes with any print!

  14. +1 :smile:
  15. Definitely DE since you don't have to worry about the vachetta. The last thing you want to have to baby on top of your baby is a fussy handbag with leather that seems to have a hate on for this world.