LV Neverfull FAQ

  1. Does anybody here happen to know how much is the Neverfull series in Australia? Oh and does the bottom of the bag droop when it gets heavy? Pls help. :p
  2. I bought the MM 3 months ago for AU$895. PM was 830 and GM was 940 although I haven't checked if they've changed since.
  3. Yes, it does tend to sag :yes:
  4. Thanks ladies for all your help. I called the store at LV brisbane, but it's all sold out.
  5. Does anyone know is the Neverfull GM sold out in Thailand? :confused1:
  6. You should give them a call. Get on their waiting list if it's sold out.
  7. I was at LV in Sydney (Castlereagh St) last Thursday 30th August and they still had 1 MM available. It was on display. They don't know when they'll have new stock coming so I hope it's still there.