LV Neverfull Canvas Cracking!

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  1. I recently noticed that my neverfull has just started cracking. It looks like the top layer of leather is going to chip off in tiny pieces. Even though it is very small at the moment, with continued wear it will get worse. I went to my local LV store and the manager took some photos and sent them LV headquarters and they said bag is not defective but this is "wear and tear" mainly because the bag is 10 years old. They will not fix it or replace it. I do not find this answer acceptable as I have many bags and switch them out constantly so the bag is not used often and the manager even commented on what great condition (inside & out) my bag was in. Also, with the money spent on an LV bag there should not be cracking to good quality leather no matter what age the bag is. I have vintage canvas LV's from the 80's that have perfect condition canvas with no cracks or chipping.

    Has anyone else encountered this with their neverfull and successfully gotten their bag repaired or replaced by LV when told initially the wear and tear excuse? If anyone has contact info for someone at LV that can help me with this I would be so thankful! Any tips or advice on how to get this fixed through LV would be appreciated!
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  2. My Neverfull GM is just over 7 years old and I also have a tiny crack in the canvas. When I first noticed it about a year and a half ago I took it to LV and they told me it was due to wear and tear and cinching of my bag. Ironically, it was LV who encouraged me to fold in the sides when I first bought the bag in 2011 and I did wear it this way for years (folding in the sides but not technically cinching with straps)!

    Needless to say, I was upset as well and immediately stopped folding in the sides. This should never have been recommended if there was likelihood of tearing.

    If it makes you feel any better, mine has NOT gotten any worse since then and is really tiny.....probably a millimeter or two in length. It frustrates me yes, but I’m still using the bag in rotation and there’s no way I’d replace it considering what I paid back in 2011 compared to what LV charges now. Crazy!

    Hopefully yours won’t get any worse either.
  3. I am glad to hear your bag has not gotten worse. I do not cinch or fold mine and never did so I have no idea why it is cracking in that one spot.
  4. I wonder then what caused yours.....bizarre
  5. May I ask how you store this bag since you do not use often?
  6. You have had your bag for ten years. ten. Furthermore you keep referring to it as leather, where the cracking is taking place is 100% canvas. Canvas is prone to cracking with excessive sun exposure, dryness, folding, etc. While the canvas is durable and does last very long, it is also dependent on how the owner treats it. It is extremely fair to say that after having a bag for 10 years, this is a wear and tear issue.
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  7. I store it in a closet on a shelf sitting upright.
  8. Right. These bags are expensive, but they are not indestructible and meant to last forever. They are CANVAS. Ten years is a very long time.
  9. after a decade of owning the bag it’s just incomprehensible to me. anything you purchase will obviously deteriorate over time (with the exception of honey :giggle:)
  10. Not sure how either of your posts help or answer any of the questions in my initial post. As I stated in my first post the bag may be 10 years old but I don't use it often and it is in excellent condition. If you don't have helpful answers to my questions above there is no need to comment on my post. The condescending/ snide comments are not necessary.
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  11. It is disappointing to hear this- I have canvas from the early 2000's and no cracking- even the vachetta is in great shape. It is something to keep in mind going forward with newer canvas- whether you want to make such an investment in LV canvas goods that inevitably have a limited lifespan. Some people are ok knowing that at a certain point, the bag will have served its useful life. But I am like you, I like to buy well-made and often expensive items that hopefully last a very long time (>10 years!).
  12. Thank you for your kind reply. It is good to know there are still nice people on purse forum :smile: Since I take good care of my bags and have not experienced this with my other vintage monogram LV bags I thought it was a quality issue with this particular bag. If that is not the case then like you said, I will have to really think about it before I buy any other LV canvas bags.:oh:
  13. Who knows what happened to this bag over the past ten years? This tiny crack could be due to so many reasons.
    Although Vuitton offers phenomenal customer service, it’s not hard to understand why they would dismiss your complaint. The bag still looks perfectly usable though. I would continue to enjoy it until it falls apart.
  14. It doesn't matter if you don't use it much. There are other things, such as climate for one example, that can affect the canvas and cause it to deteriorate. Again, it's ten years old. A tiny crack is pretty reasonable for wear and tear over the course of a decade.

    I don't think you have much recourse here, so I would continue using it. You could sell, too, to fund a new one, but you'll probably be taking a pretty decent loss because of the crack.
  15. Well, an unopened bottle of wine might hold up pretty well over time...
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