LV Neverfull - A Bad Choice?

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  1. Hello! I just graduated from college and got my first "real" job and I wanted to buy myself something as a reward. I have wanted an LV Neverfull MM for years but I'm only now in a position that I can afford what I have always thought of as my "dream bag". Modest, I know, compared to the incredible bags you ladies post about on here but give me a few years :smile:

    In the past six months or so, though, I've seen a glut of women carrying LV Neverfulls. I'm talking EVERYWHERE from Nieman's to the dollar store and everything in between (I saw one yesterday when I was walking past a Supercuts hair salon).

    I'm just worried that either A) somehow all of these people are able to buy a Neverfull so it will go the way of the Michael Kors bag: long ago considered a prestige brand until the market was flooded or B) there are so many women carrying around fakes that it will somehow "cheapen" my ownership experience.

    I think anyone who can afford of be gifted one of these bags is very lucky! It's not that I think I should be the only person in the world to own a Neverfull. But I have wanted one of these for so long and I am a little nervous spending a large chunk of my signing bonus on a bag and I just want the ownership experience to feel special to me.

    What do y'all recommend? Thanks so much for any advice you can give me.
  2. Well, I think you should ask yourself a basic question: Do I wear the bag because I want to be special/different or do I wear the bag because I like it regardless how popular she is?
  3. Thank you for your reply! You make an excellent point. I guess that to me part of the appeal is feeling like I have something special and, I admit, I would enjoy having something that other people want. Also, I worry that, since there are so many of them around, people would assume it's a fake. Ack, that looks to terrible written out. I wish I could just march into the boutique tomorrow and buy the darn thing without giving a thought to what other people are thinking. I'm really making a mountain out of a molehill, aren't I?
  4. I think you are totally fine. Welcome on board, we are here to listen to each other and to help each other regardless of the question. The point is to enjoy things we have and worry as less as possible. Life is short, be yourself, create your own fashion style and wear it with pride! ;) Looking forward to see your new purchase! :drinks:
  5. I totally understand where you’re coming from. There is loving the way a bag looks, and loving the way a bag makes you feel. I used to like the look of the MM but I just saw it everywhere I went so I no longer enjoyed the look of it. I think you should buy something that looks good and feels good. There are other options in the “affordable” range at LV. Maybe you should step into a store and explain that you’d like to see some Neverfull alternatives. Maybe you’ll know which one is “the one” after trying them on. Let us know what you decide to do!
  6. Are you able to go to a store and try a Neverfull? You know, put your things in it, try it on, and see how it feels? It's a great bag, and best-selling LV classic, so I wouldn't worry too much about value declining/oversaturation. There are many Neverfulls (and yes, fakes, too) out and about, but I think a large part of that is because it's a very versatile bag. I myself went with the personalized World Tour Neverfull, because I wanted my bag to stand out a little. Maybe consider a World Tour or Mon Monogram Neverfull? Congrats on your new position, and enjoy your gift to yourself....whatever that may be. :smile:
  7. I hear your concerns. It's not a small amount of money to spend for a handbag. I wouldn't get too hung up on the "people might think mine is fake" concern. Who cares? YOU know that you are carrying a genuine bag! That's all that matters. The NF seems like an enduring style to me, but there are no guarantees. No, I don't see it going the way of a Michael Kors. It's a terrific entry-level bag for a luxury brand to put out there.
    If you decide to buy it, if possible, I recommend you visit a boutique as opposed to purchasing online. It's a fun and special time, and you might feel even more positively about the experience after being in the store. At that point, you could also look into similar options if you decide against the NF. I will say that NF is a terrific bag. Take your time and try things on! Good luck and keep us posted!
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  8. Why don’t you think about a limited neverfull?
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  9. NF MM is such a great bag. I have it in DE and limited edition red Kusama. There are a few LV bags that are everywhere - NF and speedy. I also have 4 speedies. That said, when I see them in the wild, I still love them and it doesn't make me feel like my bags are less special. Saw my first NF MM DE with pink interior and could not stop staring at the bag. If it's ever a combo offered in GM, I will add it to my collection.

    In the past few years, I think LV, especially canvas, has become a little more common. IMO it will never be MK - but I also never really felt that was brand was very premium. To me, once the designer has a premium line and a more entry level bag, it's not really that special.

    Good luck deciding - your first LV is a really special experience.
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    I totally understand where you are coming from, OP. :smile:

    The NF in damier ebene was my dream bag for a long time since I was 18 or so (I didn't know or care much about designer bags before that, coming from a small town in northern Sweden, haha), I didn't know anyone who owned one at that point, and it just felt so "me" in every way. For years I could not afford it (Or, I could have saved for it, looking back, as I was working and doing just fine, but somehow there was never any money left on my account in the end of the month).

    I started collecting designer bags a few years ago (when I became a student, and became more poor than ever, ironically), and I had always pictured the Neverfull to be my first high end designer bag. But once the time came to take the splurge, I felt a little bit like you do, and I thought that if I would go out and buy it, and that would be my only designer bag (meaning that I would wear it all the time with nothing to switch it out for), it would feel so impersonal, as everyone around me would be carrying one too.

    I know that my collection will never feel complete unless I own a Neverfull, in either Damier ebene or azur (I need to buy one at some point as I made that promise to my 18 year old self, haha), but I felt that I wanted to own some other bags, that felt at least a little bit less "mainstream", first, and I figured, once I have a small collection of bags that feel "me", and that "represents" my style (this sounds so silly, sorry!), then i'll add a Neverfull to the bunch! I should add that there was bags that I, at this point, wanted just as much, and even more, as the Neverfull, so it didn't really matter to me in what order I bought them from that perspective.

    At this point I have three high end purses (one Céline, one Gucci and one Chloé), that covers different needs, and I think that I would prefer to get at least one more from my "most wanted" list before buying the NF. But after that I think that I will go for it! :smile:
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  11. It's a gift rewarding yourself
    Buy within your reach
    Use it love it
    Most important
    Be yourself
    It's your gift and your joy
    Don't let others be in your way
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  12. I had the same doubts before buying my first Neverfull recently. I got the the DA as it’s my favourite pattern by far and absolutely love it - it’s very lightweight and spacious, great as an everyday bag and looks polished and discrete (I find the monogram a bit too much personally). I don’t think there is another designer bag which is as comfortable for every day use and can hold up the same way.

    Just try it on and see how you feel and if it suits your style. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is wearing as long as you like it and feel confident.

    I see so many fake Chanels on daily basis and it doesn’t cheapen the brand as usually it’s pretty obv they are fakes both from the bags and the way they are ‘styled’ by the owners... same with LV... this is my opinion

    Would recommend to get hot stamping if you end up buying the Neverfull to make it more special and unique.
  13. My first LV was a neverfull. Ended up selling it. If I could do it all over again, I would have saved up for a mon mono never full to make it a more special experience for me
  14. Your unsure. Go to boutique and look at bags. Maybe something else will make your heart sing.
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  15. The fun of buying a bag is going to a boutique and trying them on. You will know when you find the right bag. It may be a neverfull or something completely off your radar right now.
    That being said, I think a neverfull is a great first LV. I sold my MM but still have a PM size. It did annoy me how common it has become. These bags are not a lifetime commitment- resale is always an option.