LV never made this bag, correct?

  1. The multicolor papillon.

    I could swear they never did, but I wanted to check with you guys.
  2. nopes never :smile:
  3. Correct. No matter what those few people say that "they were special ordered just for celebrities." :lol:
  4. Nope, and they definitely can't be SO'ed ;)
  5. while we're on it...was there ever an MC cabas piano? i see this girl with one everyday, but i'm pretty sure it's fake...
  6. Nope, the Cabas Piano was NEVER made in MC. ;)
  7. thought so! thanks john!
  8. No never
  9. BUT PARIS HILTON HAS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    lol, j/k

    (actually, I'm not, she has a MC pap, but it's as fake as ..... [fill the gap with your own imagination])

    (sorry, I'm kinda silly, just had some white wine and it needs a lot of effort to write w/o typos :sweatdrop: :p )
  10. Nope, the MC was never made in a papillon or a cabas piano.
  11. so...even with special cannot get multicolour papillon??
    i've never put down any SO....
  12. I thought that you couldn't SO any MC...
  13. never say any MC papillon in the store. but I have seen pics of Paris Hilton with a white MC papillon. fake or Special Order?
  14. As posted in some of the posts above, anything in MC cannot be SO'd, except trunks. The MC Papillon Paris has is FAKE. This has been discussed in a few old threads.
  15. nope never! A black one would be cute though!