LV Neo Speedy

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  1. I am undecided about if I want this bag or not:


    I don't know if I'm too crazy about the style, but its slowly growing on me. My SA said that theres one left and she can hold it for me, but I said I'd call back. If I don't get this I'm also considering the Houston, Stockton, or the MC Trouville. Opinions needed, thanks in advance:biggrin:
  2. Hum... for some reason I kinda like it! It's just quite unique to me
  3. When the denim line first came out, I wasn't very fond of it. But it's really grown on me, its so youthful and cheery without being blatantly so (e.g. smiling cherries !?). I would definately buy it if I had the $$$ !
  4. I think its cute and different.

    Just keep in mind that its very trendy. Would you still wear it in a year or two? If so, I'd go for it. If not, I'd get the Trouville. Thats a classic shape and style. You could wearthat one for years and years :biggrin:
  5. I almost ordered that bag! Great minds think alike-but I also agree that going in you have to be comfortable that it's super trendy and you may only be able to wear it for a limited amount of time. Is it worth that? If so proceed in buying it. :P
  6. they broke the line with that stupid ZIPPER across the top. I like the color, but I don't find denim particularly luxurious as fabrics go, and it's excessively-priced by that standard. But at least it's a departure from their drab brown.
  7. I'm leaning towards either that or the baggy if I'm getting something from the denim line :biggrin: It is pretty trendy, and it'll suck when I have to retire it at the end of the season lol, but if it looks good on me tomorrow when I go check it out, its mine!
  8. I like the denim line (there hasn't been alot of fakes out here of that LV line). I have a Mini Pleaty, it's quite small but very cute with almost anything! :embarasse

    The LV Neo Speedy is SUPER CUTE! But don't get it if your not comfy with how it looks. I really wanted the Baggy PM, but as fendifemale may only be able to wear it for a limited amount of time. This is the reason why it made me sway for the Mini Pleaty. :embarasse

    But in a way if you love it you can wear it no matter what season it may be.

    By the way Noriko, I'm still luvin' your Hardcore Dior bag! CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! :love:
  9. i don't know why, but denim bags look extremely cheap to me. i really don't like these bags. kinda remindas me of the britney&justin denima massacre :sick:

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  10. i usually hate denim bags, but this one doesn't look as cheap as most (which it shouldn't, i suppose, since it is an LV). i'd go the way that kojiko did and just get a small one since it'll be untrendy before you know it.
  11. Believe me the LV Speedy Neo does not look cheap. Together with the right type of clothing it is a real head turner:nuts: . I have tried and believe me when I say that they were not looking at me:embarasse . It is a really cute bag, but I believe it won't be trendy for a long time.
  12. the only thing about denim bags is that, as far as i seen, they're really hard to wear with other denim...jeans, jean jackets, anything. to me, if it matches the denim exactly, it's too much, and if it doesn't match, you look mismatched. i think this is an unfortunate conundrum, but maybe i think too much.

  13. awww thanks girl:love: :love: :love:

    Good advice too! I was looking at the regular pleaty and the Baggy PM as well. I think the store only has one speedy left, plus a Baggy GM and I'm not really liking the GM too much. I might just get something safe, like a Stockton or something, which is pretty classic so it won't go out of style, but I am really leaning toward the Neo Speedy, prehaps because I saw the Black Eyed Peas "My Humps" video today lol, I mean its insane to get a bag because of a stupid music vid lol but they made the denim look good!!!!:lol:
  14. one lesson i learned, if you see a bag and you like it but you're just not quite sure if you like it that much, wait a day or so and if you're still thinking about it, run back to the store and buy it before its sold out! :smile:
  15. Well, I made the decision to go ahead and buy it. When I got into the store my SA said that there was a new shipment of Neo Speedys in that morning but they were going to people on the waitlist. She snagged me one somehow though, so I was like yay! :love: Here are some pics:


    Don't mind the cut on my finger, and I haven't taken out the stuffing yet!:biggrin: