LV Neiman Marcus Cocktail Event recap

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  1. I went this afternoon and was welcomed by servers with trays of champagne and assorted hors d'vours.
    There were a few people there already.
    I'm amazed at the amount of stock they carry considering the size of their space.
    They had a lot of bags I haven't seen in awhile (please excuse my spelling if I get it wrong ;)) Here's a few that I can remember
    - Dentelle Speedy
    - Dentelle Batignolles Horizontal
    - Dentelle Fersen
    - Monogram Olympe Stratus GM
    - Monogram Olympe Nimbus
    - Onatah Leather GM in White
    - Mongram Bronze (I think) Sargeant small
    - Monogram Patchwork Denim Speedy
    - Monogram Patchwork Denim Pouchy
    - Polka Dots Navy (it may have been a bowly)
    - Multicolore Marilyn (not sure what you call the one with the different color leather)
    - Crocodile Speedy (first time I've seen that)

    The best sighting was a Gold Mirroir Speedy. It was beautiful and so was the lovely lady carrying it who told me she thinks it looks like it belongs under a christmas tree.

    I walked out with a few gifts for my mom's birthday, dad and father in law (father's day)
    For Mom - Damier Simple Checkbook and Key & Change Holder
    Dad - Taiga Porte Billets
    FIL - Black Epi Portes Simple

    I did get anything for myself this time as my birthday present came in today. I'll post pictures later.
  2. Sounds like you had a great time! LV Cocktails are the best!!!
  3. Great recap!!!! I would have died after viewing the Olympe bags and Croc Speedy!!! :drool:
  4. Wow - thanks for posting - sounds like you had a fab time!:smile: