LV needs to make the classic Monogram in BLACK!!!

  1. I really believe this would sell so well. I love LV and I would just love it if the classic Monogram could also come in black instead of the normal brown. Just imagine the bag in black canvas and then maybe the LV's all on it in a lighter blackish grey and then of course the leather lining and handles in black. HOT HOT HOT!

    Why oh why can't they make this!?!? :crybaby:
  2. They did sorta.. in the denim. Black Neo Cabbys. But it would definitely be interesting to see that on canvas!
  3. Oh, I'd love to see that on canvas as well!! I think mono looks great with a black outfit but I'm a sucker for black bags in general...
  4. That's not a stupid idea! Wow, that could look very hot indeed. Maybe they will do this once! :smile:

    (P.S. This is my 800th post! I've been a member for just over a month I guess, I wouldn't have thought I would become so addicted...)
  5. I actually thought of that same combo but with vachetta trim. I think black canvas with grey logo's and vachetta trim would look fabulous!!! I wish someone could photoshop a speedy to get the idea. Anyway....probably never going to happen in our lifetime! ;)
  6. I'd love to see it in Canvas, or Vernis. Mmmmmmmm!! My wardrobe def. has more black in it than brown, so I'd totally buy it!!
  7. i don't care for black bags too much i think this would be a really hot bag!
  8. like my avi? :graucho:
  9. This would be perfect! I have been waiting for a perfect black LV bag and this would be it. Yoohoo, LV corporate people or even Marc Jacobs --- take note of this please!
  10. It'd be very nice but I'd still prefer the classic monogram :smile:
  11. This is what it would look like and it's the reason LV doesn't hire average ppl as their art instructors lol

  12. love it. maybe you should design for them. I would definately buy it.
  13. Haha I'm glad to see others like the idea too! Of course I love the classic brown color, but a black one would be more versatile!!! I am just picturing it in my mind right now! Oh god I wish they would make it!!!! Does anyone know how to submit ideas to the LV company? lol
  14. neocabby plus the LV's are woven into the material which make it extra special....
  15. YEAH! Sorta like that! haha. I love it!!! :tup: But maybe it would also be cool with gold hardware too!