Lv Necklace I Must Own... Now!!!!

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  1. wow sooo nice i liek the chain too! very cute!!
  2. Adorable & very different than anything else out there
  3. i like it
  4. I love the T-shirt!! Is it available for men?

    Would you mind if I ask how much is it?

  5. They were mens tee shirts from last year.
  6. Here's mine in 'tin'colour, I just took it from my phone camera while wearing it :biggrin:. If I can find the receipt for this among my whole mess of them, I'll post the code here when I get home :smile:

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  7. Ohh clearstatic, you have to get it right away! It is so hot! Tin or purple? I'm lovin' both the colors! Then you'll have to do modeling pics with it! :jrs:
  8. im trying to, im trying to ..... but my wallet wont yield!
    i hope to soon though! the problem is that they didnt bring the purple bone to th US. I'm hoping to get it from mladen.

  9. Their 400 dollars.
  10. Very cute, hope you get one soon!!
  11. Both colours are nice in their own way. I think the tin does have a better cool factor and the purple is more feminine.
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