Lv Necklace I Must Own... Now!!!!

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  1. :flowers: hello everyone,
    i need some help before i definitely shoot myself or something.:hysteric:
    i saw it on deluxeduck's easter thread (i hope you dont mind me posting this, referencing to you..)
    its the purple necklace in the picture in the catalogue.

    i think its a bone.:yahoo: I just love it. :heart:
    have never seen it before. i called 866 and they couldnt find one in stock.
    (i only asked for one in purple.) Oh why me?:crybaby: why did i fall in love?:Push:

    lol. if anyone knows anything let me know, or has one...
    post pics pleasee!!! :heart:
  2. I think that I remember seeing pics of this necklace awhile ago.
    Check out the forum and you will probably find it.
  3. i searched. NOTHING
    i put "louis vuitton purple bone necklace" and played with the words and just found people complaining about the lacking quality of vuitton.
    the titles were "i have a bone to pick with LV." There were two different ones. i dont know, i really am bummed out theyre sold out in USA. :sad:
  4. so i put LV bone and found a person who bought it (i must confess im a bit jealous LOL)


    has anyone seen it recently? bought it recently?
    i reaaaally love it for some reason. :yahoo:
    it must be the caveman inside of me.:heart:
  5. haha its kinda cute!
  6. Very cute but sorry can't help
  7. i think Orodruin has one. maybe ask her the model number so you can quote that when you call the LV hotline again. good luck!!!!
  8. Oh this is really really cute, does anyone know how much it retailed? :shame:
  9. its nice....but is plastic?:confused1:
  10. It is lovely, i love the shirt aswell.
  11. its $250 before taxes (USD)
  12. thanks DD:tup:
  13. I have this necklace (that was my picture) and it's a great colour and very unique. I don't wear it that often and am going to sell very soon so hopefully someone as enthusiastic about it as you will buy it! The model number is MP0254. Good luck for your search.
  14. No it's not plastic, it is painted metal.
  15. How much are those POP T shirts?? with the luggage on them...
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