LV Navona


Nov 26, 2005
I am thinking of getting this bag. I think it's cute, and it's within my budget. It will be my first LV bag. But I do feel a bit hesitant abt getting this damier one as there are so many fakes around. Kinda lose the exclusivity, which is what i think of most LV monogram and damier bags. What do you think?:love:


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I think there are fewer fakes of the Damier canvas bags than of the monogram canvas. Still if you like it, get it. You'll know it's real, which is really all that matters. It's a nice looking bag.
I love the damier canvas over the monogram. If you like it, then buy it. Please yourself first before others. That's my motto!
i love damier canvas. just in case you haven't seen this bag in person yet: it's tiny! you won't fit much into it. other than that, go for it!
I love the Monogram always will, the damier is nice but looks a tad masculine to me, anyway what high-end handbag isn't copied? A Speedy in the Monogram makes a great starter bag, it's very wearable and roomy. Good Luck!
It's a great starter bag, especially since you don't have to worry about getting water stains on the handles and untreated vachetta. I don't see very many damier bags around, so I think it's more distinctive in that sense.
I agree it's tiny, but I'm looking for a small bag, just with enough space to put my wallet, phone and keys in when i go out. Anyway, i have seen another small one from LV, in epi leather. It looks really glamourous in red! oooooo.... decisions decisions decisions.....:P


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I LOVE the Epi line! I love carrying it around, it'll impress the people you want to impress (LV educated people that know the epi line) and be passed by strangers with sticky fingers. I always carry my black Epi Speedy 30 whenever I go to "new" places. Not every place is safe...hehe