LV Nano Noé VS Speedy? Pelase help!


Nov 21, 2015
Hi lv lovers! I need your help!

I am going back and forth between getting a nano noe or a speedy 25 or 30 (both in monogram).

Here is what I think of each of them:

Speedy monogram 25 or 30
Pros: one of the most classic bags ever [emoji173]
Can be worn for casual and more elegant events
Fits a lot more than the nano
It has been the bag that I wanted ever since I was 15 years old but due to vachetta I never got it because I was scared of ruining it

Cons: vachetta (and being only a top handle bag I will be touching the handles a lot)
Can not be worn cross body (I am not a top handle girl as you can see below)

Nano noe
Pros: It is a very unique bag that no one else will have!
It is very cute and the vachetta is less of a worry for me because I will barely touch it
It is a cross Body bag

Cons: opening and closing the bag can get tiring
No secure closing (I live in a big city and do not have a car so I mainly take the bus/train or walk)
May be too small?

If anyone has any of these bags what did you think about them? And could you post some pics modeling them? Thank you everyone [emoji8]

I already have these bags in my collection:
Speedy b25 damier ebene
Alma B.B. In coquelicot (red)
Chanel classic flap medium
Chanel classic mini
Ysl collage mini


May 14, 2016
Since you like the Speedy..have you considered the bandouliere version? You can wear it on your shoulders or crossbody. If you don't like a lot of vachetta you can also buy a separate strap. Lots of options available now.
The nano noe is super cute. You have to consider what you are going to use the bags for and what you need to carry with you at all times. If you just need wallet (needs to be compact), phone and a lip gloss, the nano noe it is. However if you need more room the speedy is best.
You can also go for best of both worlds and checkout nano speedy. I saw a review on YT and it can fit a lot. It has a zipper so your stuff is secured. You also have to remember the nanos have unremovable straps and it's vachetta. Good a reveal once you have decided :smile: