LV Nailpolish???

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  1. It was never available on e-luxury. It was a VIP gift about 2 years ago, used as a test market when LV was thinking of getting into cosemetics. There are 2 different sets, with 2 polishes in each set.
  2. Cool... thanks for the info.
  3. Oooohh nice... But I guess LV determined there wasn't really a demand for LV-branded cosmetics?
  4. Interesting!
  5. I'm actually watching this item. LV made 2 kinds of this set, the other colors wre a red and cream I believe. Sometimes they pop up on eBay but this set is in amazing condition, it says. Sometimes nail polish thats very old gets nasty though and these have to be a few years old.
  6. I have the brown and gold set an dlove it .. I love the dark brown best
  7. Pity the seller doesn't ship outside of the US.
  8. They Auctually Did Sell This From Lv Becuase I Bought It In 2002 At Kop Store. It Was $75. In Brown Gold Color. But I Don't Know About Eluxury.
  9. very interesting... I like the red and cream...
  10. I had the brown and gold set .... there was something in it that didn't work for me. It irritated my eyes. When I rubbed my eyes they almost burned. It didn't stop until I took off the polish. I sold my set on eBay a while ago.
  11. Hmmm, maybe it didn't sell well at all...that may be why I got it free as a VIP gift :shrugs:.
  12. But wow I think this is a pretty cool item to have.
    I love the brown and gold colors!
    But this listing mentioned seemed a lil fakish to me.
    What do u think?:smile:
  13. I remember seeing this many years ago on eluxury, but the only shade they had at the time was the brown set. I recall thinking "why would I want brown nail polish?" but it sort of made sense considering the shade of LV monogram, you know. It wasn't cheap either, I know that.