LV Mystery

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  1. There was a little LV soiree at Saks Fifth Avenue in NY last night and they brought out drool-worthy limited/exclusives that would have depleted my retirement fund. Anyone remember the 2006 Patchwork summer bucket? Or this summer's MC with the pink or cobalt blue alligator? And there was that cute jeweled showbag whose name I didn't catch because our flirtation was brief...

    But the hightlight of the night came when I ran into the 57th St leather goods manager who told me that I must "come in on Friday. We're getting something very limited and very beautiful." I intend to solve this mystery later but I wanted some of you on the edge of your seats with me. Are ya there?
  2. :wtf: jewelled showbag!!!! the little shirley shaped one??? the maxi bucket is hot too. Damm you'd have to drag me out that shop kicking and screaming before I let go of any of these
  3. maybe the super limited thing is the tribute

    any hints as to if it was old or new??
  4. Oohhh, can't wait to find out!
  5. It's new for Summer 07 and the price is $2400, so it's not the Tribute. The word "bronze" was tossed around. I'm skipping outta here in 5 minutes for a 'doctor's appointment.' As for the pieces last night, I believe the jeweled bag was indeed the Shirley and it was $10k. Label Addict, I agree with you in principle but my wallet just can't handle that kind of strain.
  6. OOh yeah I've heard about the bronze collection it is supposed to look like the brown leather bags from spring summer that didn't make it.
  7. It's probably one of the prefall bags in mono bronze: sergent pm or gm...I don't think it is on the website yet
  8. Ohmigod. Ohmigod. The special something was the Sergeant PM. They only got 1 (now they have zero) but they do have 2 MMs. If you don't know this one by name, it's bronze calfskin, with raised LVs/symbols and handpainted antiquing. The hardware is antiqued, too. The strap is canvas. It's sooo hot. I have a pic but my SAs are in it and I think it would get them in trouble to post it. There are no accessories for these products and the bags are extremely limited. Hurry. :nuts:

    Oh, they pushed up production, in case you're wondering. It was originally a Fall bag. And the price was $2320 which was really reasonable considering how limited it is and how darn hot it is (but I mentioned that already).

    Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod. Restricter is going on a self-imposed purse ban (thank god I'm not married because you know that won't last!). :yahoo:

    I don't know who signs off "Victory is Mine" but I hope you don't mind if I borrow it, just this once.
  9. It's the Sergeant and it's miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.
  10. does anyone have pics??
  11. Aaaah!!! Picspicspicspicspics!!
  12. Send the pic to someone computer savvy on the forum and they can block out the faces of the SAs for you. Unfortunately, I'm not that savvy!
  13. oops
  14. I wnat to see this soooooooo bad, it's not even funny!