therapist....crazy huh?!

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  1. Sorry, its kind of long.............................

    I hope you guys will agree with me that...LV has become some what of a therapy for me.

    I really used it to treat myself which lead to a strange kind of....Im worth it...attitude that I really didnt have before.

    Especially looking back.....I spent less on other unnecessary stuff and learned to manage the finances to support my habit and learned also to treat myself and that makes me feel less of a myrtr when it came to my family.

    Being a working mom before and a wife, its so easy to say no to myself. But b/c Im carrried over to my family too. Its crazy but....more than just the LV...the point I guess is that I am good to myself and that helps me in my day to day. Now, certain big events even, Im relaxed about. Case in point, my hubbys buisness is going through some tough situations and before I would of freaked and blamed and been miserable...but I feel less tense about it. In fact, it made me judge others less too ....and seeing people with other expensive material things effects me less...strange...I thought it would be the opposite some how....

    Silly isnt it? Do you guys have simular experiences?:shame:
  2. Buying bags is part of way to treat myself and I always say I am sooo worth it..
    I know I am in control of things..only me can make myself happy..
    I never really judge others with their expensive "treats" even it's not something I like.

    I do believe when I am happy..I know my DH will be happy..
  3.'re not silly AT ALL. Good for you and I'm glad LV helps:noworry: ;)
  4. :yes: :yes:
  5. Happiness is an LV! I understand what you mean, sometimes when I have an awful day at work with mean customers I remain calm by thinking of the next LV I'm gonna buy.:lol: LV gives me something to look forward to.
  6. LV helps me too. but not many of my friends do. they think its a waste of money. but then they'll ogled at my bag. lol.

  7. I agree with you 100%. I could have writen your post!:yes:
  8. I have those friends too, and some family members as well.
  9. Well, it's either a therapist once a week or a bag once a month--I'll take the bag:graucho:

    I say, if it makes you happy and doesn't harm you or anyone else, go for it!
  10. I totally agree. I work hard ard and have a high demand as a mother of two and wife..... buying LV makes it all worth it! Treat yourself!
  11. this is funny....because i was just thinking of boyfriend and i just broke up (amicably) on thursday...and now im definately contenplating a new speedy (mini lin or damier...) to lift my spirits a bit...hehe....

    and snorks...i would take the bag too....hahahah.
  12. :nuts:
  13. Aww its good to know your happier now... Its not silly at all. In fact I think most of us feel that way about things we are passionate about :smile: