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    When I browse the LV listings on eBay, I'll often see "My Poupette recommended seller" listed in the auction.

    Who is "My Poupette" and are they legit? I thought only LVMH could authenticate the bags?
  2. My Poupette is legit. They are experts on LV bags and will authenticate bags for a fee. Carol Diva is another reputable authenticator. Some people use these services to authenticate bags before they buy; others use them as expert "witnesses" in disputes where the authenticity has been called into question. It is my understanding that LV will not officially authenticate anything.

    A "My Poupette Recommended Seller" has established a relationship with My Poupette and has had to go through some checks. Of course, that is no guarantee of authenticity, but it does add an little extra level of security.

  3. Yes, but there was a newscast done recently where some My Paupette sellers sold a FAKE or two!! You can never be too sure!! But directly from LV -it's worth it!!! You take your chances otherwise, another good site - Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ ~
  4. I think there was a thread here about a possible fake (not LV, was it Chanel?) on Let-Trade, so even they are no guarantee, but yes, there are certain sellers who are more reliable than most. Even so, if you buy used, take an extra precaution and get it authenticated here first. :yes:
  5. I am stunned here to read that a MyPoupette seller sold a fake. This should have immediately been reported & their membership would have been revoked. I am a MyPoupette seller & before I was accepted I had to go through stringent checks. I had to submit all of my past auctions for scrutiny (pics etc) & all of the buyers were contacted to make sure they were happy that they had received an authentic bag. It was quite a long process & I know that MyPoupette would never let anyone use their name if they thought that they were selling fakes.
  6. I take my poupette with a grain of salt....I have seen things that are supp. my poupette that are questionable.