LV/Murakami pieces available at MOCA from 10.29.07 - 02.11.08

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  1. Not sure if this image is old news or not, here's an image that could be the store mockup - Mr. Onion Head, Panda, Flower-Hat Man and the LV Hand all look to be present on the items along with a new character.
    If the image is true to the products that will be available, I see Neverfull on the shelves in PM, MM and GM, Small Ring Agendas and Round Coin Purse. And if this image is any indication, we can only assume at this point that there'll be variations on these in Multicolor also. A Multicolor Neverfull with the LV Hand on it's side?* That'd be pretty amazing..

    *Purely speculation.



    Oh Murakami, how you never cease to amaze me. The latest news on Murakami, Louis Vuitton, MOCA, and pop up stores…. apparently along with the new Murakami exhibit running at MOCA (10.29.07 - 02.11.08 at the Geffen Contemporary), with a LV pop up “boutique offering limited-edition handbags and small leather goods featuring Murakami designs. The estimated prices of the bags, ranging from $875 to $920, represent about a $300 markup over the $575 to $665 that consumers would pay for the same line without the Murakami designs at the Vuitton store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.”
  2. Hmm, I remember this being posted, not sure where though. Anywho, it's really cool!! The agendas are TDF!
  3. If only I was in LA... :sad:
  4. Very cool.
  5. I need some friends in LA !!
  6. ^^me too, travelbliss!
    i want something Panda
Thread Status:
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