LV MURAKAMI only Boutiqe at MOCA LA Museum

  1. An LV manager that visits tPF said to me yesterday that I may want to pass this on to the tPF friends - she was asked to manage this store, and alas will not be able to, but this is why she was aware of the details, and it sounds so exciting if you are in LA or planning to visit in the fall !

    There will be a special Louis Vuitton boutique opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles for the duration of the Murakami exhibit which will be underway 10.29.07 - 02.11.08 -

    The boutique will offer ONLY Murikami LV items! These will be items not offered at other LVs !

    This is all the info I have and would love to hear more if anyone else has details and sounds like a great excuse to visit LA :smile:
    Not much on the website at this time for MOCA but here are the links :
  2. Oh wow, how interesting! I might be up there then, I hope I can go see it-thanks for the info!
  3. aaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ thank you for the info!!! i sooo wanna go~~, but can't....i'm so far away~!!!

    but something that i can brag.... he is from my home town in Japan! his studio is still close to where my parents are!!! (not that i visited or anything, but i read this and thought it was pretty cool!!! LOL heeheehee)
  4. Wow! So then if the items to be sold at this boutique are only Murakami and not available elsewhere, they then must be extremely limited one-offs?
  5. That will be so cool to go! I might have to check this out. I wonder what bags they will have there...
  6. Could be !!! But if the store is open for the duration maybe some smaller larger run items too so everyone can have something to take home :smile: ... hopefully some of our LA tPFers can scout it out early for us !
  7. I wonder, is this going to be new stuff or just old stuff?
  8. My plans for California are set too early in the month guess I will miss out. :crybaby:
  9. That's awesome! I can't wait to check it out.
  10. this is very interesting!
  11. i dunt really understand this...errr, does that mean those cerises and 'eye' luggages like 'eye dare you' will be there as well? if it's a yes, then it's a hooo-ray for me!
  12. wow i wonder if there will be old pieces there. i would LOVE an eye retro (can't think of the name) or a CB retro. oooooh.
  13. wow, i'll will be there! I love Los Angeles! lol!
  14. I wish I was in LA atm. Good luck on getting the hot murakami stuff to those of you who have the chance.
  15. how exciting! thanks for the info