LV Murakami Multicolore - Is it over??

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  1. I've been DYING for a white LV Murakami Speedy 30 for years and years. I had a bunch of pre-order bags when they first came out (and I've sold since) but never was able to get the Speedy 30 brand new. Now I know I can get a great deal on one and I'm still pretty obsessed.

    Do you judge somebody walking around carrying something like that as being outdated and washed out? Am I obsessing over a bad investment? I typically carry a black Jumbo Chanel 2.55 and don't want to look like I'm out of the times!

    I appreciate your feedback!!!
  2. It seems that new stock has been produced recently as the bag was available again to purchase on the LV website.

    However, to me this line looks dated. It's just my personal opinion and I know many TPFrs continue to love it.
  3. I appreciate the honesty. I've found myself about to pull the trigger SO many times, but I'm worried it's a silly investment and that maybe I put it towards something else.

  4. Maybe go the pre-loved route and try to score one for a good price? It might help you avoid buyer's remorse in case you get tired of it.
  5. I would definitely go pre-loved on that bag because I'm already second guessing and buyer's remorse is possible. But at least I'd know that I owned it and maybe that's all I need! :lol: I've got a mental number in my head that if I could get one for like $800 it may be a deal. Though I'm still curious how other bag aficionados view it.

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  6. The multicolor pieces are for a niche audience the way I perceive it. I am over it, but there are many people that still love it.
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  7. Since you asked, I think it looks super tacky and dated, sorry!
  8. I'd take a different approach. Do you throw out clothes etc every season or do you wear clothes/shoes that are more than a season old and, therefore, dated? I don't get the obsession with worrying about what other people think about a bag. Life's too short.
  9. :lol: Well since you said it, I see tacky and juvenile. My loved for it ended right along with the end of Jessica Simpson's reality show. I love things people dislike also, so of course, if you love it buy it.
  10. If you like it, buy it. Never mind what other people think.
  11. I personally love MC. Of course I would wear a speedy MC only occasionally but it is a great fun bag! If you truly like it and can put your hands on a great deal go ahead. You can enjoy it for a while then you can resell/consign
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  12. For me it does look dated, I wouldn't say "tacky" exactly, but it does go along these lines.
  13. LOLOL that's okay! I need to hear the truth and appreciate the feedback!

  14. I keep my stuff FOREVER. But I usually try to stay away from "trends" and "fads" and stick with the classics. That's what makes this obsession so difficult.
  15. Honestly, if you love I'd say go for it. I feel the same sometimes about the seasonal or specialty pieces. Maybe find an SLG online in the print and that will satisfy you for now? Just a thought...
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