LV Murakami Anime Commercial?

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  1. I was searching LV online and I've been reading that in 2003 they played a 5 minute anime commercial in LV stores on a flat screen t.v.

    The anime film was done by Murakami and is like an Alice in Wonderland story with all the Murakami characters like the crazy looking panda. Its called "Superflat Monogram"

    Has anyone ever heard of this movie or seen it? Someone on eBay has a DVD of it but its $230! Here's a link:

    This has got to be somewhere online where you can download it? I'm searching and all I can find is articles about it. Does anyone have it? It looks neat.
  2. I BOUGHT IT !!! HAHAHAHA :lol:

    I think this is too cute to miss.. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. oh wow i would love to see it too - superbaby can you pleassseee upload it onto your comp and send me a cpy so I can see it :smile:
  4. Limewire doesn't have anything. I looked :sad:
  5. I would love to see this...Jap. Cartoons are always so happy...
  6. I have heard about it several times, but I never watched it :sad:
  7. i havent looked, but check
  8. Sounds interesting :biggrin:
  9. that's a cute video. Not $230 worth, but still cute.
  10. Aww... that's such a cute Anime. But omg, I was mortified when the Panda swallowed the little girl in the beginning!!!